Diet Coke Recycled Bag Designed by Patricia Field

Diet Coke is strengthening its style roots by teaming up with New York based stylist Patricia Field, to design a re-usable bag made entirely out of recycled (PET) bottles. The bag follows on from the success of the Diet Coke City Collection and (Ugly) Betty Bottle both designed by Field.

Diet Coke Patricia Field Bag

Transforming ‘thrown away’ plastic into a durable, designer item, the new Patricia Field for Diet Coke rPET bag is set to appeal to the brand’s target audience of fashion-conscious, young women and become this season’s latest must-have accessory. Showcasing Field’s unique urban style, the bag features a bold print overlaid on a black background and folds up into a small pouch, offering green goddesses a covetable alternative to a plastic bag that is both easy to store and reusable.

Available exclusively on the high street at selected Boots stores nationwide in the UK from 22nd October, the recycled plastic bag will be given away free to customers purchasing two 500ml bottles of Diet Coke while stocks last. The in-store merchandising carries Field’s fashion-forward design, with hot-pink gondolas targeting consumers at POS, raising awareness of the initiative.

Hilary Quinn, My Coke Director for Coca-Cola Great Britain (CCGB), says: “CCGB is committed to reducing its impact on the environment and encouraging consumers to recycle is just one way we can do this. By continuing our relationship with Patricia, we’ve used fashion as a tool to tap into our target audience’s passion points – creating a stylish accessory which carries a strong environmental message.”

Patricia Field and Diet Coke Bottles

The Diet Coke City Collection

The City Collection of Diet Coke bottles, connecting with Patricia Field’s work for the television show and movie Sex in the City, features four women in four colours: red for passion, gold for career, turquoise for fashion, and pink for loves.

Patricia Field explains: “I love to push fashion boundaries and giving one of the most famous brands in the world a stylish new look has been fantastic. In terms of design process, I immediately imagined glamorous glittery dresses following the feminine contours of the ‘diet Coke’ bottles and then invited my friend and artist Martine to help me create the faces and persona of these four women. I think of the bottle as a glamorous fashion accessory suited to the ‘diet Coke’ lifestyle. My design for the ‘diet Coke’ City Collection captures today’s modern women, confident, glamorous, sexy and more in charge of their own lives and represents the areas of life that are most important to them such as: ‘career’, ‘passion’, ‘love’ and ‘fashion’. In addition the designs represent ‘diet Coke’ as a sexy, sassy brand perfectly compatible with today’s woman.”

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