Diesel Helmets on Quique The Head

Diesel is raising awareness of their range of helmets with the story of Quique the Head, an Argentine born without a body. The campaign is online at www.quiquethehead.com

Diesel Quique Helmet Ads

The story is picked up in “Outstanding Lives”, an Australian television documentary following Quique as he works as an architect, loved by Isabel. Now comes the challenge – finding Quique a body transplant. Viewers are invited to send in photos of their bodies.

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Here’s a more serious look at the helmet range.

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The Quique campaign was developed at Shackleton, Madrid, by executive creative directors Enric Nel.lo and Aureli Arque, creative directors Pipo Virgós, Paco Badía, technical development director Marc Sallent, and agency producer Cristina Cortizas.

Filming was shot by director Doble Nelson via Toma 78, Barcelona, with executive producer Bárbara Muschietti, head of production Ricardo Carrasco, producer Cristina Lera, director of photography Sebastián Sarraute, and production designer Pancho Chamorro.