Diesel Hair Bath

Diesel, the Italian fashion brand, includes a series of bizarre hair fetish videos, “Hair Bath”, in V, a collection of black and white films online at www.diesel.com. The films are part of a collection of 50 films, set in the context of a dark, surreal, hallucinatory television station. “Dance Party”, in which a group of dancers is forced to perform blindfolded in a basement studio, Pete the Meat Puppet, and “Corner Time”, a series of self-improvement frauds.

Diesel Hair Bath

Jennifer lounges in a bathtub filled with locks of hair, reading the letters of people who have sent her their hair. Viewers are seductively invited to send their letters and gifts to PO Box 186 Hillsdale, New Jersey.

Viewers are encouraged to call either 888-559-5759 or 1-559-272-0709. Upon calling, listeners are told to leave a message and that it may be broadcast “across the universe.” The speaker says, “Thank you for call, we knew that you would, we want to help you, soon we will be broadcasting live…”


Jennifer reads letters from Rosco, who hates his hair, and Katy, whose mom made her grow her hair long.

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Jennifer is in raptures as she bathes in the beautiful hair…

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Jennifer is woken from her snoring slumber to read a letter from a redhead teenager.

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The Diesel V initiative was developed initially at Swedish interactive agency Farfar, in collaboration with Diesel creative director Wilbert Das. Filming was shot at Milk Studios, New York by newly formed production company Legs, consisting of Georgie Greville, Greg Brunkalla, Geremy Jasper and Adam Joseph. Production was at Ghava.

See some of the Legs perspective in an interview at Shots.

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