Dell Lollipop Treats

Dell is rolling out the cute side of its stock with “Treats”, a television commercial featuring factory workers singing the 1958 song “Lollipop”. In what could have been a scene in Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, colorful Dell notebook computers are rolled out and packaged for the market. The video was launched in the USA in June and has since been rolled out around the world.

Dell Lollipop Treat commercial

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The Treats campaign was developed at Mother New York by creative directors Linus Karlsson and Paul Malmstrom, art director Mat Driscoll and copywriter Greg Hunter, and agency producer Emma Starzacher.

Filming was shot by directing collectie Traktor with director of photography Tim Maurice-Jones.

Post production was done at The Mill, New York. Editor was Avi Oron at Bikini Edit.

“Lollipop” was written by Julius Dixson and Beverly Ross in 1958 for the duo Ronald & Ruby ( Ronald Gumps and Beverly Ross). The song became a worldwide hit when recorded by The Chordettes. Download the music only at

Click on the image below to play the behind the scenes video.