Dell Discovery I Love You

Dell is promoting the new line of Studio 15 laptops with “Discovery”, a television commercial set to a song with Japanese, German and French flavours. As a long line of stylish young people wait their turn outside a computer warehouse, they exit with Dell’s powerful new Studio 15 laptops. Each person’s laptop is different, matching their own unique style because they designed it themselves on the Dell website. A computer that stands out as a true original like you? That’s the magic of Dell.

Dell Studio 15 Laptop Art in Discovery TV commercial

The song is “I Love You, Ono”, performed by German/French duo Stereo Total (Françoise Cactus and Brezel Göring). The track is a cover of 1980 Japanese hit, “I Love You, Oh No!” by New Wave band, The Plastics (Toshio Nakanishi, Hajime Tachibana, and Chica). The original is found on the 1980 album, “Welcome Plastics.”

Click on the image below to play the video.


“Discovery” was developed at Mother, New York by creative directors Linus Karlsson, Paul Malmstrom, associate creative directors Bill Moulton and Lawrence Melilli, copywriters Bobby Herschfield and Matt Mulvey, agency producer Lisa Steiman.

Filming was shot by Augustin Alberdi via Landia with director of photography Matt Uhry, line producer Joseph Dugan.

Post production was done at Nice Shoes, Method and Semerad. Editor was Hank Corwin at Lost Planet with producer Gina Pagano.

Audio post was mixed by Peter Holcomb at Sound Lounge, New York. Music was produced at Agoraphone.