Death Cab For Cutie in Grapevine Fires

Death Cab For Cutie, an American indie rock band, has released a music video for their single, “Grapevine Fires”, taken from the album, Narrow Stairs. The music video uses animation to tell the poignant story of a boy in seamrch of his brother in the middle of a wildfire that decimates his neighborhood.

Swings in Death Cab for Cutie Grapevine Fires music video

This emotive story reflects the autobiographical lyrics of lead singer Ben Gibbons who was caught in the horrific 2007 California wildfires and witnessed the tragedy firsthand.

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The Grapevine Fires music video was directed and produced byWalter Robot (also known as Bill Barminski and writer Christopher Louie) via Merge Films at Crossroads, with executive producer Joe Uliano.

Lyrics for Grapevine Fires

When the wind picked up, the fire spread
And the grapevine seemed left for dead
And the northern sky looked like the end of days
The end of days

And a wake-up call to a rented room
Sounded like an alarm of impending doom
To warn us it’s only a matter of time
Before we all burn (4x)

Bought some wine and some paper cups
Near your daughter’s school when we picked her up
And drove to a cemetery on a hill, on a hill

We watched the plumes paint the sky gray
She laughed and danced through the field of graves
And there I knew it would be all right
That everything would be all right
Would be all right (4x)

And the news reports
On the radio said it was getting worse
As the ocean air fanned the flames
But I couldn’t think
Of anywhere I would’ve rather been
To watch it all burn away
Burn away
Burn (x6)

And the firemen worked in double shifts
With prayers for rain on their lips
And they knew it was only a matter of time