Dante’s Inferno Teaser

EA Games has released a teaser for the R18+ war game, “Dante’s Inferno“, a year before its release for XBox 360 and Playstation 3. The video shows an armor clad warrior taking on the nightmarish inhabitants and monsters of Hell, with the tag line, “Go To Hell”.

Dante's Inferno cross

Dante’s Inferno is based on the fourteenth century Tuscan epic poem, The Divine Comedy (Commedia) in which Dante Alighieri travels through Inferno (Hell), Purgatorio (Purgatory), and Paradiso (Paradise). Dante and Virgil travel through the nine circles of hell, observing the residents who are beset with horrors befitting their particular vices, and grappling with symbolic beasts. A man who fears no death in the 9 circles learns quickly to fear his sins.

Click on the image below to play the video.


The Dante’s Inferno spot was developed at G-Net Media, Los Angeles, by executive producers David Getson, David Moodie, John Rosenberg, creative director and copywriter David Moodie, production supervisor Shelby Hill, media editor Alik Griffin.

Animation was developed at Psyop, New York, by creative director Eben Mears, executive producer Lucia Grillo, producer Carol Collins, designer Jon Saunders, storyboard artist Ben Chan, 3D look and development Marco Iozzi, matte painter Pete Sickbert-Bennett, technical directors Tony Barbieri, Damon Ciarelli, Miguel A. Salek (FX), Lee Wolland (Character & Rigging), 3D team Helen Choi, Tom Cushwa, Pete Devlin, Rei Ito, Kitty Lin, Consuelo Macri, Rich Magan, Pat Porter, Heiko Schneck, Miles Southan, Gooshun Wang, Russ Wooton, compositors Molly Schwartz, Jason Conradt, Fred Hallmark. Additional titles were developed by Devan Simunovich.

Original score was composed by Gary Schyman. Sound was designed by Paul Gorman and David Swenson.

See Nate Ralph’s preview of the game at Wired.com.

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