Cyber Bullying Affects Real Lives

NAPCAN (National Association for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect) is collaborating with Australian organisations to run “Cyber Bullying Affects Real Lives”, an integrated awareness raising campaign designed to educate young internet users about the destructive nature of cyber bullying and empower them with tools to help prevent it.

SOSO YouTube students

The campaign is part of the Smart Online, Safe Offline (SOSO) social initiative, developed in collaboration with digital marketing experts Profero Sydney, the Telstra Foundation®, Google Australia and the digital media industry.

The campaign includes a two-minute video clip, using YouTube as an educational platform to connect with young people. Once students watch the YouTube video, they can click on a link to an interactive game called Web Warriors where they can create a personal avatar character and join other Australian kids to take a stand against cyber bullying.

Web Warriors Player

Maree Faulkner, CEO of NAPCAN said, “The difference with the SOSO campaign is that it communicates directly with the kids, helping them to understand how they share the responsibility for bullying when they forward hurtful material. Tagged with ‘Share it, spread it, forward it, join it and you’re a bully too’, the aim of SOSO is to get young people to think twice before hitting ‘send’ and forwarding degrading content to share a laugh with friends at the expense of others.”

Alan Noble, Head of Engineering, Google Australia and NZ, said, “Education is vital for combating cyber bullying and we’re proud to support the SOSO campaign through YouTube. YouTube is a great platform for reaching teens and speaking to them in a medium they understand. It’s important that people know what action they can take to combat cyber bullying – like using the ‘Flag’ button on YouTube videos. Hats off to NAPCAN for involving young people in all aspects of their campaign!”.

Appearing in the YouTube presentation are Newtown Performing Arts High School student Jettson Fawcett, Strathfield Girls High School student Isabel Wilson and Talent Development High School student Esra Isik.

The YouTube clip – ‘Kid at school gets a pants down – LOL FWD this!!!’ is now offline, as are the Web Warriors game at, and the SOSO interactive website at

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