Current Vanguard Crisis in Italy

Al Gore launched his TV network, Current TV, in Italy in February 2008. Current recently promoted its in-house journalism program, Vanguard, led by a team of young producers and correspondents specialising in enterprising reporting on global issues. Provocative posters were prepared promoting stories on America’s Secret War and an investigation into a mafia hit on a Catholic priest. Posters designed for the Tube show a shotgun wrapped in dollar bills with the question, “Are the United States supporting terrorists?”, and a bullet-pierced Bible with the question, “What happens when the camorra cracks the church?. While the campaign was run without issue in Milan, it was banned in Rome by the Commune of Rome and ATAC, the association that manages the advertising spaces in the underground of Rome.

Vanguard Rifle - Are the United States supporting terrorists?

Vanguard Bible - What happens when the Camorra crack the Church?


The Vanguard campaign was developed at cOOkies Adv, Milan, Italy, by creative directors Alba Ronchi and Massimo Guastini, art director Andrea di Castri and copywriter Francesca Mudanò.

Current has not given up the fight and has sent a letter to the Commune di Roma (see here) and set up a Facebook group, Censurato dal Comune di Roma.

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