Corrado Mattresses for Deep Sleep

Corrado mattresses are presented as the answer to anxiety-related sleeping problems in this print advertising series from Italy, with post production by Happycentro. The Matterassi campaign features conversations cut short by pillow talkers falling into deep sleep.

Corrado Aroused print advertisement

A young man’s fascination with his girlfriend’s flowery nightie is expressed in artificial flowers. “Quando indossi quella camicia da notte mi fai ecc…” is translated as “When you wear this nightie I feel so arou..”

Corrado Worried print advertisement

A couple’s concern about the late arrival of their son is expressed with cigarette butts (collected by smokers in the HappyCentro studio) and caramel (used to allude to coffee).

Corrado Goodnight print advertisement

The interrupted word, “Goodnight” (Buonan in Italian) is spelt with cushions using different textures and colours for each letter. “Mamma, mi canti la nin…” is translated in English as “Mummy can you sing me a lullaby?”

Corrado Lullaby print advertisement

A child’s request for a lullaby is spelt out using modelling clay. “Mamma mi canti la nin…” is translated in English as “Mummy can you sing me a lul…”

Corrado Sleeping Pills print advertisement

Blister packs from a local pharmacy are used to spell out a man’s request for his partner to pass the sleeping pills. “Puoi passami il sonnif” is translated as “Can you pass me the sleeping pil…”

Corrado Burglar print advertisement

A couple’s concern about a burglary in the night is spelt out with broken shards of glass along with rope, black leather gloves, tape and hat. “Cos ‘era quel rumore? Spero non siano lad…”, is translated as “What is that sound? I hope not burgl…”


The Corrado campaign was developed at Saatchi & Saatchi Italy by creative directors Guido Cornara, Agostino Toscana, deputy creative director/art director Luca Pannese, deputy creative director/copywriter Luca Lorenzini, art buyer Rossana Coruzzi, illustrator Federico Galvani (Happycentro), typographer/designer Andrea Manzati (Happycentro), photographer Federico Padovani, and digital artist Marco Oliosi of OIO Creative Retouching. Pillows were designed by Annamaria Gastaldelli.

Happycentro have put together a 3:49 minute video showing how they put together all six layouts with using computer graphics. See also their online booklet outlining the creative process. Click on the image below to play the video.