Converse Faces from Poland

Converse shoes in Poland were presented in human form in this “Faces” campaign designed by JWT Warsaw. “Couple” (Para), “Connectors” (Cza), “Tarotist” and “Corset” (Gorset) present faces connected to bodies dressed in Converse Allstar shoes. The Converse Portraits campaign was commissioned by Amersport, exclusive distributor of Converse in Poland.

Converse Para Faces

Converse Para Couple Face
Converse Tarotist Face
Converse Lolita Face
Converse Gorset - Corset Face


The Converse Faces campaign was developed at JWT Warsaw, Poland, creative director Darek Zatorskil, art director Katarzyna Macharz, copywriter Kamil Nazarewicz, and photographer Andrzej Dragan, account manager Daria Jacuk working with Converse marketing team Ewa Biernat and Joann Curtis Elardo.