Coca Cola Library Music

Coca Cola’s spot, “Library”, has won a gold award for music at the CLIO Awards held in Las Vegas this last week. Library is a visual effects laden advertisement accompanied by the haunting track, “Strange Love” by Koop. Koop is Swedish jazz duo, Magnus Zingmark and Oscar Simonsson, performing in this track with Hilde Louise Asbjornsen.

Coca Cola Library

“Library” brings to life the silent flirtation of two teens connecting over a Coca-Cola┬« while studying in a quiet library. They pass the boring study time by using their ink pins to draw characters on their hands and arms. The boy then draws a Coke┬« bottle on his arm and in response the girl pens a glass with ice cubes on hers. The drawings come to life as they reach across the table and touch hands as the now animated Coca-Cola pours out of the bottle drawing, down the guy’s arm onto the girl’s hand and into the glass she has drawn. They share a laugh. The spot reinforces how sharing a Coca-Cola connects people and brings a moment of happiness to an otherwise ordinary situation.


Another in the same series, developed by the same creative team. Sweltering in the heat of a summer evening a man sits lethargically in his apartment, a fan blowing in vain. As he mops his brow his eye catches sight of the shadow cast on the wall in what quizzically appears to be in the shape of a Coke bottle. He leaves his apartment into the harsh light and heat of the day and begins to see the outline shape of Coke bottles everywhere, in the grill of a car, in the shape of buildings in the frame of a bicycle, and hears the familiar sound of a Coke being opened when a workman opens a bucket lid. Is his mind playing tricks on him? He searches for something to quench his thirst and finally finds an open shop where he buys and drinks a Coke letting out a satisfying “ahhh” as he does so. His thirst slaked, he walks out of the store and hears a similar “ahhh” from above as we see a plane skywriting the same letters. The spot plays off of the sights and sounds of drinking a Coca-Cola and the “craving” that can only be satisfied by an ice cold Coke.


Library was developed at Wieden+Kennedy, Amsterdam, by executive creative directors John Norman and Jeff Kling, creative directors Sue Anderson and Jorge Calleja, art director Aysee Altinok and copywriter Gregg Clampffer, head of production Corey Bartha, and agency producer Elissa Singstock.

Filming was shot by Tom Kuntz via MJZ, London with director of photography Alwin Kuchler, executive producer Debbie Turner and producer Suza Horvat.

Editor was Russell Icke at The Whitehouse Post.

Visual effects were developed at The Mill, London, by colorists Seamus O’Kane and Paul Harrison, lead Flame artists Richard Roberts and Gary Driver, and 3D artist Jamie Lancaster.