Coca Cola Heist

Coca Cola continues the Open Happiness theme with “Heist,” a commercial in which a man’s bottle of Coke is commandeered by enterprising insects. The TV ad, featuring during the 2009 Super Bowl, picks up some of the movement found in the Happiness Factory series, echoing perhaps the sentiment of Budweiser’s King Crab spot from 2008.

Beetle in Coca Cola Heist commercial

Music from “Peter and the Wolf,” plays as a young man dozes off in a park. As he sleeps a ladybug, grasshoppers and bees work together to roll the bottle away from his picnic rug. Woken by the sound of his bottle opening, he discovers that the local butterflies have concocted a clever ruse. Click on the image below to play the video.


The Coca Cola Heist spot was developed as part of the Open Happiness campaign at Wieden+Kennedy, Portland, by creative directors Hal Curtis and Sheena Brady, art director James Moslander and Lee Jenings, copywriter Marc D’Avignon, senior agency producer Matt Hunnicutt.

Filming and animation was directed by Psyop by creative directors Todd Mueller and Kylie Matulick, director of photography Stephen Blackman, executive producer Neysa Horsburgh, live action producer Michael Schlenker, VFX Supervisor/CG lead artist Andrew Romatz, VFX supervisor/lead Flame artist Thibault Debaveye, 2D supervisor Lane Jolly, animation lead John Velazquez, editor Brett Nicoletti, and VFX producer Tina Chiang.

Fluid simulation was done at Scanline VFX.

Music and sound were designed at Stimmung, and mixed at Lime Studios.

Music from Peter and the Wolf was conducted by Robert Miller and performed by the Los Angeles Philharmonic.

Butterflies in Coca Cola Heist commercial

Further credits from Psyop

Pre-Visualization: Mike Makara , Todd Constantine, Sarah Bocket, John Cherniack, Jan Bitzer
Senior Animator: Yvain Gnabro
Animators: Alejandro Castro, Joon Lee, Frantz Vidal, Maxime Devanlay, Zee Myers
FX: Jan Bitzer, Kiel Gnebba,
Flame Artist: Alex Kolasinski
Compositors: Jared Sandrew, Michael Dobbs, Miguel Bautista
Senior Lighter: Kyle Cassidy
Lighter/Look Development: Katie Yoon, Wendy Klein
Lighters: Ian Ruhfass, Barry Kriegshauser
Modelers: Clay Osmus, Andy Kim
Modeling/Generalist: Bryan Repka
Rigger/Generalist: Petrik Watson
Riggers: Sean Comer, James Parks, David Bosker
Roto/Paint Artists: Krystal Chinn, Austin Brown, Scott Baxter