Coca Cola Happiness Factory 3 Deals with Yawns

Coca Cola has come out with Happiness Factory III, the third in a series of popular and award-winning Happiness Factory stories. The first Happiness Factory video, released in 2006, online at, was followed up by a movie in 2007. Part Three follows the factory’s response to an infectious yawn, online at

Coca Cola Happiness Factory yawn

It’s the middle of the afternoon and a student decides it’s time for a drink from the Coca Cola vending machine. His yawn sets of an infectious ripple of yawns across the workers inside. Work slows down and their focus is clearly diminished. Wendy the quirky majorette character claps to summon the Yawnbusters, hands that break through the scenery to deliver refreshing Coca-Cola to everyone. Revitalized and invigorated by a Coke the workers have their yawns replaced with the trade mark energetic five-note whistle of the Happiness Factory.

Click on the image below to play the video.


The Happiness Factory III campaign was developed at Wieden + Kennedy, Amsterdam, by executive creative director John Norman and Jeff Kling, creative directors Sue Anderson and Jorge Calleja, copywriter Rick Chant, art director Barney Hobson.

Production was at Psyop by creative directors Todd Mueller and Kylie Matulick, executive producer Neysa Horsburgh, producer Kim Wildenburg, live action producer Michael Schlenker, director of photography Federico Barbabosa, technology director David Chontos, Flame artist Alex Kolasinski, modellers Sarah Bocket and Joon Lee, lead animator Jordan Blit, lead compositor Lane Jolly, compositors Sohee Sahn, Matt Lavoy, after FX artist Miguel Bautista, previz Joel Sevill and Jeremy Butler, and editor Brett Nicoletti.

Colorist was Mark Gethin at Moving Picture Company.

Music was produced at Human Worldwide. Sound was designed by Bill Chesley at Henryboy.