Coca Cola Peace One Day Cans launched

Coca-Cola has today announced that, for the first time in its history, it is launching a special edition charity can on behalf of the non-profit organisation, Peace One Day. The 330ml can will be widely distributed to help spread the message of peace and raise awareness of Peace Day, which takes place on 21 September 2009.

Coca Cola Peace One Day cans

Peace Day Coke CanCoca-Cola will be creating over 1 million unique Coca Cola Peace One Day cans, which will be on sale throughout the UK from September 2009. The specially designed cans, will feature the Peace One Day logo and the message ‘what will you do?’, inspiring ‘Coca-Cola’ drinkers to make their pledges for action on Peace Day on 21 September.

Peace One Day was founded in 1999 by Jeremy Gilley, who embarked on a journey to establish the first ever fixed calendar day of global ceasefire and non-violence. In 2001, this became a reality, when 192 member states of the United Nations adopted 21st of September as an annual day of global ceasefire and non-violence ‘Peace Day’.

In May 2008 Peace One Day created it’s second feature documentary The Day After Peace. The original (multi award winning) feature ‘ Peace One Day’ told the story of how filmmaker Jeremy Gilley had the idea of Peace Day, how he persuaded the United Nations to pass a new resolution establishing Peace Day in 2001and then the results of the day in it’s first year.

Since then, Peace One Day has worked to raise awareness of Peace Day and to inspire life saving activities on the Day. In 2007, over 100 million people (source UN) were active on Peace Day, in 192 countries. There were life-saving initiatives in 14 countries and over 80 activities in Afghanistan alone, where Peace One Day was instrumental in securing the conditions in which safe polio vaccinations could take place. 1.4 million children were vaccinated against polio for Peace Day 2007. Peace Day 2008 saw the polio vaccination figure in Afghanistan rise by a further 1.6 million children.

The next target is to reach 3 billion people globally with the message of Peace Day by 2012 and, with their continued support, ‘Coca-Cola’ hopes to help Peace One Day achieve this.

Jeremy Gilley says, “It is fantastic that for the third year in a row we have the continued support from a brand like ‘Coca-Cola’. We are so grateful to have the Peace One Day logo and ‘What will you do?’, call to action on the front of over 1 million cans. This activity is really going to help us drive awareness and challenge people to think about what they are going to do on Peace Day 21 September.”

The Peace One Day initiative will also be supported on ‘Coke Zone’, Coca-Cola’s online loyalty scheme. Between 1st – 21st September, the home page of the website will be dedicated to raising awareness of Peace One Day and encouraging its members to upload their pledges of peace. ‘Coke Zone’ users will be given the chance to exchange their points to win an all expenses paid trip to Paris for the Peace One Day 10th Anniversary Celebration or exclusive Peace One Day merchandise designed by Marc Jacobs and to swap their points into donations for the Peace One Day organisation.

Additionally, the iconic ‘Coca-Cola’ Piccadilly sign, from the 19th – 21st September, will host a variety of celebrity pledges from Peace One Day supporters including Lenny Kravitz, Emilia Fox and John Legend.

Cathryn Sleight, Marketing Director for Coca-Cola Great Britain comments, “We are delighted to be able to continue our ongoing relationship with ‘Peace One Day’ and support Jeremy in his endeavor to spread the message of Peace Day throughout the world. We hope that with this unique ‘Coca-Cola’ Peace One Day charity can, we can use our influence and reach to truly help to spread the word of peace and really encourage people to think about what peace means to them.”

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