Coca Cola Avatar creates Human Connection

Coca-Cola addresses online isolation in “Avatar”, a television commercial being shown at the 2009 Super Bowl. While iPhones, BlackBerries, texting and computers keep people virtually linked, they create a lack of real connection between people, causing them to morph into avatars. The unexpected sharing of a Coca-Cola between two people in a diner breaks down digital walls and creates a human connection through a moment of happiness.

Scene from Coca Cola Avatar commercial

A young male walks among people whose online activity transforms them into computer avatars. As he stops for a drink in a diner, the mean-looking ogre next to him, engrossed in a lap top computer, competes for a bottle of Coke. They both smile and the avatar turns into a young woman with whom he begins chatting, face to face.

An avatar is a computer user’s representation of himself/herself or alter ego. See more on the concept at Wikipedia.

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The Coca Cola Avatar ad was developed as part of the Open Happiness campaign at Wieden + Kennedy, Portland, by executive creative directors Mark Fitzloff and Susan Hoffman, creative directors Hal Curtis and Sheena Brady, copywriter Eric Samsel, art director Ken Meyer, agency producer Lindsay Reed, agency executive producer Ben Grylewicz.

Filming was shot by Smith & Foulkes via Nexus Productions with director of photography Mattias Montero, executive producers Chris O’ Reilly and Charlotte Bavasso, head of production Julia Parfitt, producer Melody Sylvester, head of 3D animation Ben Cowell, character designer Mustashrik Mahbub, storyboard artist Adam Beer.

Editor was Art Jones at Speade. Post production was done at Framestore by managing director Helen Stanley, online producer Kristy Cleminson, creative director Mike McGee and senior Flame artist Will Bartlett.

Audio Post Production was done at 750mph by engineer Gary Walker and producer Syleste Molyneaux.

“Stranger in the Crowd”, a Cee-Lo cover of the Elvis Presley classic, was produced at Solitaire Studios by executive producer Monica Tannian, producer Graham Marsh.

Sound was designed at Stimmung by Gus Koven with producers Jack Catlin and Kelly Fuller.

Animatics were developed at Joint Editorial by editor David Jahns and executive producer Patty Brebner.

Couple meet in Coca Cola Avatar commercial

Stranger in the Crowd

Written for Elvis Presley by Winfield Scott for Elvis’ 1970 album That’s The Way It Is.

I’d been standing on the corner
Since a quarter after seven
I was down to my last cigarette
And the clock in the window
Had it quarter to eleven

I was watching all the people
Passing by me, going places
Just the loneliest guy in the town
Looking for a friendly smile
But all that I could see were faces

And then, just like the taste of milk and honey
I found the stranger I’d been looking for
The way my cup of love was overflowing
I knew the stranger in the crowd
And I would be strangers no more

Love that found us on the corner
At a quarter to eleven
I thought you were to good to be true
All my life I had believed
That angels only live in heaven
But now, we share the taste of milk and honey
Each day is sweeter than the day before

My cup of love is overflowing
because the stranger in the crowd
And I would be strangers no more

Deep inside, my cup of love was overflowing
I found the stranger I’d been looking for
The way my cup of love was overflowing
I knew the stranger in the crowd
And I would be strangers no more