Climate Institute Return of the Dinosaurs

The Climate Institute, an environmental action group in Australia, is collaborating with welfare, union, environmental and research organisations to run “The Return of the Dinosaurs”. The integrated advertising campaign is calling for action on climate change and clean energy jobs, likening those who block climate change action with others who failed to adapt to environmental change in the past.

Time to Evolve - Climate Institute Dinsoaur print advertisement

The campaign, online at, includes a 30s TVC, print, outdoor, online and a 60s viral execution on YouTube called ‘The Dinosaurs’, as well as events focussed in and around Canberra.

Climate Institute Dinsoaur outdoor advertisement

The television and viral components of the campaign feature the well-known 80’s music track ‘Walk the Dinosaur’ and people with crudely superimposed dinosaur heads ‘dancing’ to the beat. This humorous approach is carried through the rest of the campaign, including a print
execution showing a ‘dinosaur’ with arms crossed in stubborn defiance.

Climate Institute Return of the Dinsoaurs video

‘The Dinosaurs’ campaign calls for politicians and business people blocking climate change action to think again. The campaign labels these opponents of change as ‘dinosaurs’ and presents them with dinosaur heads. People are asked to “help them evolve” by visiting a clean energy jobs website where they can email their Member of Parliament and Senator.

Also see the YouTube video on the IDEAS channel, Climate Institute channel, The Union channel and WWF’s channel.

Climate Institute Dinsoaur outdoor advertisement

The Dinsoaurs campaign is being developed in partnership with Get Up Australia, WWF, the Australian Conservation Foundation, the Australian Council of Trade Unions, the Australian Council of Social Services and the Climate Institute.

Harriet Binet, communications director at Climate Institute said, “We were looking for a big, bold idea that captured people’s attention and that could translate into a range of mediums and activities and ‘The Dinosaurs’ gave us just that. The beauty of this idea is that it is funny and engaging, whilst making a serious point about the old-fashioned thinking stopping climate change action.”

“The present-day dinosaurs don’t seem to respond to intelligent reasoning, so we thought we might try a bit of ridicule”, says Max Landrak, creative director at I.D.E.A.S.


The Dinosaurs campaign was developed at I.D.E.A.S. by creative director/copywriter Max Landrak, designer Tom Wall, account manager Adrian Leppard, illustrators Christer Eriksson and Drawing Book.

Post production was done at DMC Digital. Music was licensed through Music Mill.