Chupa Chups Chuck in Life Less Serious

Chuck, the first ever global mascot for Perfetti Van Melle’s Chupa Chups, is on a world tour with his response to situations that suck, “Live a life less serious”. Teenagers, leading ever more stressful and serious lives, crave for a moment’s escape. Sucking on a Chupa Chups is that temporary solution. Chuck is Chupa Chups’ first-ever global mascot. He’s somewhat odd looking and never speaks, but through his lovable chomping of Chupa Chups embodies the phrase ‘life less serious’.

Chupa Chups Chuck site

So the economy sucks – CHUCK. So you can’t find matching socks – CHUCK. So the waiter took your glass before you’d finished with the ice – CHUCK. When life seems all too much, when little problems seem like they’re bringing the world down on top of you, when you hear someone shout “WATCH OUT FOR THE DOG S#*!” just as you step in it; stop for a minute, take a deep breath (away from the poop) and think about the almighty mantra of the Chuck: A ‘life less serious’.


Can’t cope with the disappointment of your girlfriend. Tune into Chuck’s response…

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Overwhelmed by the demands of your personal trainer? Chill out with Chuck!

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Already well known throughout Europe, this irreverent and easy-going little character will be visiting Australia as part of a world tour, becoming a familiar face via his very own blog, In conjunction with this tour a competition will be held offering lollipop lovers all over Australia an opportunity to win their very own Chuck doll. The plush dolls will be sent to the first 1000 people to find and send in a specially marked “Chuck” Chupa Chups lollipops stick.

To check out the Chuck campaign or get more information go to:

Response to the campaign around the world has included teenagers in Italy creating their own videos and uploading them to YouTube to be seen alongside the television commercials. SpotTube2008 received over 20,000 views of one of the films in one day. Another creator, DonSImoCorleone, uploaded the films to YouTube as well as posting still images on his design profile at Chuck Fan Clubs have been started on onine forums and social networking sites such as Facebook. Kanye West’s official blog even included a mention.


The Chupa Chuck campaign was first put together at Bartle Bogle Hegarty Asia Pacific, Singapore by a team including executive regional creative director Steve Elrick, creative director Todd Waldron, copywriter Travis Sorge, art director Paul Downs, agency producer Becky Koh, account manageers Frances Great and Eugenie Yeo, and planner Cherry Chan.

Filming was shot in Toronto, Canada by The Perlorian Brothers, via Soft Citizen, with producers Tuula Hopp and Eva Preger.

Puppeteer was Adam Dunn.

Post production was done at Relish, by producer Michelle Lee and editor Tanis Darling.

Music was produced at The Gunnery, by composer/arranger Evan Roberts and Azmi Jaffar.

PR in Australia is being handled by The Taboo Group.