Google Chrome Features in Film

Google has launched a new 4:30 minute film promoting the benefits of Chrome, their web browser. What at first appears to be a 2D animation video turns into a low-tech behind-the-scenes exploration of the browser’s features. Does it make any difference which browser you watch the video on?

Google Chrome Speed film

Hands, harpist and background all feature in eight films: Introduction, Speed, Stability, Security, New Tab, Omnibox, Incognito and Themes. The video featured here ties the eight together with transition frames and allows for user interactivity.

Click on the image below to play the video in YouTube


The Chrome Features films were produced at BBH Labs, London (Twitter), who recently won the Google Chrome account along with Glue London.

Production was by Aaron Duffy and team at 1stAveMachine.

  • Andrew

    who produced this?

  • James Cambell

    Are these ads all played separately? They look great as a campaign.

  • Andrew

    okay — looks like this was done by director Aaron Duffy and his crew at 1stAveMachine. well done mate.

  • Pete M

    Pretty cool for considering its just a browser.

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