Chips Ahoy Cookie Guy in the Movies

Chips Ahoy, a brand of chocolate chip cookie produced by Nabisco, are promoted in a pair of movie-related television commercials starring Cookie Guy.

Chips Ahoy Cookie Guy in Oz

The cookies have a sea faring name, compatible with Talk Like a Pirate day, but they were actually named after Chip A. Hoy, the CEO of Nabisco from 1923-1956. Originally called Chip’s Chips, they were renamed by Vice President Frank Wilson when Hoy went on vacation to London by boat and his wife Angela, who was there at the time, shouted “Ahoy, Chip!”


Chips Ahoy rises to the challenge of the boxing ring.

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Chips Ahoy finds himself not in Kansas anymore.

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The Back Story

Chris Harrison presents the background on the new cookie in Hollywood, Cookie Guy, including Chipless in Seattle, Beverly Hills Chip,

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The Chips Ahoy movie campaign was developed at DraftFCB, New York, by executive creative directors Sandy Greenberg and Terri Meyer, creative directors Gerald Cuesta and Howie Ronay, head of production Paddy Giordano, producer Michelle Carman and music producer Gregory Grene.

Animation was produced at Nathan Love, New York, by executive producer Mike Harry, producer Derrick Huang, creative directors Joe and Kate Burrascano, character designer Brad Johansen, editor and after effects lead Chase Massingill, after effects artist Mike Milyavsky, animation leads Jeff Lopez and Dan Vislocky, animators Kevin Phelps, Ryan Moran, David Han, character technical directors Sean Kealey, Ylli Orana, lighting and rendering lead Mats Andersson, texture/lighting and composite artists Sylvia Apostal, Denis Kozyrev, Anca Risca, modellers Tony Jung, B.F. Tsang, Luis E Perez, FX artist Mothana Hussein, pipeline technical directors Sarah Elizabeth Clemens, Jesse Clemens, Jessica Monteiro, scratch-track goley artists Nicholas “the Biggant” Dratch, Michael Impollonia, Chase Massingill, Fayna Sanchez and Kate Burrascano.

VFX were produced at Manic by producer Becca Smith and Flame artist Johnny Starace. Music was composed by Mark Isham. Sound was produced at Sound Lounge by Tom Jucarone. Sound was designed at Pirate Toronto by Chris Tate.

Voice-Over Talent Chip: Max Casella
AVO: Paul Spencer
Witch (Oz): Harriet Carmichael
Reporter (Rocky): Brad Abelle
Adrian (Rocky): Talia Shire