CCTV Ink in China

CCTV – Central China Television is running “Ink”, an advertising ident featuring a Tai Chi artist and a Joker. The spot brings together traditional elements with modern Chinese culture, demonstrating the power of branding. “From invisible to visible, From boundaries´╗┐ to no boundaries. CCTV – Believe in the power of the brand”. Traditional Chinese scenes, such as the Great Wall of China, are connected with images of fish and birds, a Tai Chi performer and Joker.

CCTV Ink commercial


The Ink ad was developed at MMIA by creative director/copywriter Zhou Jiahong, art director/storyboarder Wu Hao, copywriter Sophia Xu and storyboarder Liang Yuanchun.

Filming was shot by director Niko Tziopanos via, Paris and weareflink, Hamburg, with Troublemakers producer James Hagger, Weareflink producer Andreas Lampe, CG & compositing artist Alexander Heyer, compositing artist Martin Hess, CG artists Philipp Von Preuschen and CG artist Timo Schaedel, ink and footage Thore Bornemann, ink and “Making Of” director Felix Martens, production coordinator Catharina Foelling, and production assistant Aurelie Da Silva.

Music and sound design were by Florian Lakenmacher at Supreme Music, Hamburg.

Motion capture was produced at MoCap Lab by Remi Brun, Frank Vayssettes and Thomas Oger.

Taiji Performer was motioned by Alexandre Thorlet. The Joker was motioned by Willi Wutz.