Castrol Think with your Dipstick

Castrol USA has introduced Castrol Edge, an advanced synthetic motor oil, to Super Bowl viewers with the help of a dipstick happy Scottish golfer indulging in, quite literally, some slapstick humour.

Scotsman with dipstick in Castrol commercial

Castrol EDGE, it is claimed, is not like any other synthetic oil. To drive that claim home the company brings in a Glaswegian dipstick wielding bully. “Think with your dipstick, Jimmy!”, he says, as he cracks his dipstick across the legs of men who are thinking about synthetic oil. The advertisement leads to, which in turn transfers through to The site includes quicktime copies of the Grease Monkey and Dipstick videos and a behind the scenes look at filming Jimmy in action.

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The Edge campaign was developed at Ogilvy & Mather, New York, by worldwide creative director David Fowler, creative director Jim Nolan, associate creative director Mark Davis, copywriter Stephen Winston, director of broadcast production Patti McConnell, agency executive producer Lisa Christman and agency producer Brie Hagle.

Filming was shot by The Perlorian Brothers via Furlined, Los Angeles, with executive producer David Thorne and producer Jay Shapiro. Post production and visual effects were developed at Smoke & Mirrors, New York.

  • joegeithmann

    Why do you deem it necessary to use violence to sell your prouct in this day and age?

  • Jeff merrill

    This is the worst and most insulting commercial EVER. I used to use Castrol, but know more. You are idiots if you thought this wasgood advertizing. I can't believe it isstill on TV.

  • evelyndewar

    I find the this ad in poor taste and a bad influence on the public, mostly children, even though it is acting, May I request that you remove:

    You are not thinking with your dip stick, Jimmy (Castrol edge).

    E Dewar
    Holly Springs, NC


    This is one of , if not the worst commercial yet. And to think that some company got paid BIG BUCKS to do it. Disgusting to say the least, Another example of large sums of Money being layed out for CRAP. The EX'S should be ashamed of this one. This displayes violence, and poor character on behalf of all which approved it's showing. I would not buy this product based on this commercial, PERIOD Butch O'Connell

  • Eileen

    I can't stand this commercial! I don't find it funny at all and no I'm not uptight or a prude!! What person in his right mind would think that putting this on tv would be funny?? Did they ever try it on themselves??? (getting hit with a dipstick), maybe they should and then they would see it's not funny at all, dumb people they are! And let's not forget the kids watching tv thinking that is funny. it needs to be taken off the air, I will never buy your product after seeing the irresponsible commercial! my opinion.

  • turtles

    there is nothing funny about one person hitting another for any reason. what is this teaching our children.. abuse is ok. for those who say lighten up..maybe you need to wake are part of the problem as much as our media and advertisers. this is not creative advertising, this is just someone who has no real creativity thus uses violence to sell.

  • Keith

    I love this commercial. It hits on all major points for pop culture. It is quotable, it has a recognizable main character, it has innuendo and slap stick humor. To the people who are opposed to this ad on some moral or value based ideals are probably the same people that think sex ed in HS is wrong and like to burn/ban books. Seriously, what is next? Protesting Looney Toons? Bugs Bunny cross dresses and talks people into getting shot in the face! Oh NO! Someone must do something!

  • Sylvia

    Truly the most stupid commercial ever. What does a Scotsman have to do with motor oil? Maybe the big wigs at Castrol should be whipped with a dip stick to see if they think it is funny. I can’t imagine that anyone would buy the motor oil because of the commercial.

  • Horrible

    I would NEVER buy anything from this company. This commercial is horrible and I cringe everytime I see it. Boo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • pollywog

    I think this commercial is da “BOMB”. Not very often do commercials make me belly laugh but this on does. People who think this is a bad influnce on our kids is probabley useing there TV as a babysitter. WAKE UP AMERICA!!! AND THINK WITH YOUE DIPSTICK…….JIMMIE!!!! P.S sign me up for one of those t-shirts..

  • dave

    these commercials are stupid an insulting. Hope they boosted your sales to other people ’cause you lost me for all time…

  • Ed F

    I complained about your ads this past winter. Slapping poeple with a dipstick is just tasteless. I have put the remainder of my Castrol oil through my chainsaw as bar oil. I will not be bying any more.

  • Morgan

    this commercial is to funny. i laugh with my family about it all the time. how do you not think it is funny. yeah a dipstick to the legs might hurt that does not mean when people don’t buy castrol they will get hit. its just some humor.

  • Nancy

    Not a castrol customer, but this commercial is hilarious. Whipping people with a dipstick is totally nuts and the Jimmieh! just puts it over the top. The high water worksuit with the big white socks on the Scotsman is crazy. Complete redonkculousnes! The 3 stooges live on when ideas like this get filmed.

    And to all you sour, whining, haters – turn off the tv and contemplate the source of your intolerance and desire to control others.

  • Deb

    I love the Three Stooges and Bugs Bunny, but you cannot compare cartoon or movie humor to this commercial. A man hitting others with a dipstick is just disturbing. Our culture likes to imitate art, especially commercials so I wouldn’t be surprised to hear about some kids (or even some adults, based on prior posts) hitting each other while repeating the line, “Think with your dipstick, Jimmy”. Shame on you for lowering yourselves to this level. If you were looking for a “repeatable” tagline, you could have used that one without whipping an unsuspecting consumer with a dipstick. As others have said, I will not use Castrol products. I guess we have to hit you in the pocketbook with a dipstick.

  • john koval

    I have been a Castrol user for 20 years.After seeing this tastless piece of trash on T.V.I will never use Castrol again.I did not think you people would stoop so low.John Force should hang his head in shame to see this and hope His Grandchildren never see it.In my neck of the woods,if that little red bearded jerk ever hit someone with a dipstick he would proceed to get the baddest beating he ever had.So long for good,John

  • joey

    anyone getting worked over this commercial is an idiot. it’s clearly not offensive.

    that said, it’s just not funny. it’s not at all funny. it doesn’t make sense, it isn’t clever. it’s just stupid.

  • Barb57

    I can’t believe after all kinds of put downs, about violence, and trying to get kids to be less violent. Yet Castrol obviously thinks with it dipstick, if they think it cool to beat on people..Whoever your using for advertising should be fired and a new more mature company be found. That doen’t think with their DIPSTICK…

  • Holmes

    No more Castrol for me, buffoons.
    I would like to take a dipstick to the fools
    who conceived, captured, edited and aired these ads. What a bunch of maroons.

  • Crane

    I love it! Great Marketing! Nice job!

  • Lance Kieran Wallace

    I enjoy this commercial. I am an American Scot. Jimmy is slang for buddy, dude, or man. The Scotsman is simply telling the customer to think with your dipstick, and buy better Oil. It is very funny and gets you to remember Castrol Oil. I use this oil frequently on my 67 Camaro. So lets all think with our Dipstick, and used better oil in our Cars, Jimmy!

    Lance K. Wallace
    Sam Houston Texas

  • rick

    awesome love this commercial, the only one i don’t mute. to everyone who does’nt like it… and there seem to be alot of you uptight bible thumping dumbasses, crawl back into the woods and keep quietly banging your sisters, or brothers or whatever you holier-than-thou shits do

  • Josh

    wow… its a commercial people… it sells the idea that “not all synthetics are the same” and puts the castrol name in your face… a scottish guy has nothing to do with oil, but you remember it when you go to buy oil… thats the idea… and if you think this teaches your kids bad things then 1. hide your dipsticks and 2. learn some parenting skills instead of letting the t.v. do the parenting

  • JimmyConnery

    I’m a Bible thumper (who doesn’t have relations with his sister or brother) and I think this might be the funniest commercial ever. I think the people being whacked in the commercial might be Christians too because instead of retaliating against their attacker, they turn the other cheek. If you’re offended by this, then you should sell your T.V. because nowadays television is full of filth that’s much worse than hitting people with dip sticks.

  • Arthur

    I personally thought it was a good and, humerious commercial. At least it isn’t highly annoying like the stupid YAZ; Shamwow, those damn corny ass talking M&M’s, and that off the wall Nuva commercials. If anyone is offended by this commercial than either you musdt not watch enough TV to see other highly offensive crap that is televised or you just plain have no sense of humor and, taste.

  • Mark Jenkins

    Love this commercial! I roll on the floor everytime I see it. Make more soon!

  • Geoff

    Jeez! Lighten up! This commercial is SLAPSTICK comedy…literally. Nothing more. Three Stooges with a Glaswegian lunatic twist. I just saw it again on TV and find it rather creative. I sure beats watching “Vince” sell Shamwows or telling us how everybody loves his nuts. If you find this Castrol commercial offensive and “violent”, I suggest you switch to Starbuck’s decaf, find a set of Birkenstocks that don’t chafe your feet and go watch a “Barney” video. I’d also recommend that some of you look into a remedial adult literacy class.

  • Hoewird

    I just don’t get it, that’s all. I used to write copy for radio commercials, did some television, and now edit legal copy (pays damned well!). This commercial just doesn’t make sense to me. What’s the connection? If it’s just to surprise and shock, I guess okay. But, this is just a head scratcher. It needs some sort of connective relevance. Even the most obscure Monty Python sketches had a point, even if it was just a reference to some dude standing around in the lobby of BBC. Again, I just don’t get it. And, I don’t change my own oil, so I also don’t care about the product.

  • Jimmy McLame

    Thank god for my Tivo.
    I can skip right past crap like this.
    That commercial is so stupid I sought out a place to post this.

  • Emma Royd

    This commercial is frigging hilarious! Whoever came up with this ad campaign is a genius! And for anyone crying about this commercial, you are the reason this country is going down the crapper.

  • Steve

    Not only is this commercial annoying and stupid, it cravenly hides behind the unspoken convention that, for some reason, it’s okay to stereotype and make fun of the Scottish in mass media. If the character were to be Asian, Hispanic, or [insert ethnic group here], the commercial would be (rightfully) branded as racist and yanked from the airwaves.

    Is Castrol’s ad company incapable of coming up with something funny without resorting to this crap? Even toilet humor would be funnier.

  • John

    Really?? Someone would be so upset by this commercial that they would feel compelled to write and/or stop using the product? I would be very sad for you all but thankfully I believe the comments are just plants from competitors.

    I find this commercial hilarious! It is marketing 101 at it’s best. What is the demographic for the product? Guys 18-45 that change their own oil. What do these guys like? Slaptick comedy three-stooges style. Genius!

  • Sam Thomas Jr.

    I’d never thought that I would actually see a motor oil commercial with humor. This is like Castrol Oil -meets-Hornswoggle-meets-Sir Jackie Stewart…Now that’s thinkin’ with yer dipstick, Jimmy!! What a riot!!! If they stop doing commercials like that, I’ll stop buying their product.

  • carl blazek

    This has to be the dumbest idea of slap stick humor ever used. It dose catch your eye on what they are trying sell. Now days you have get the attention or your product does not sell. Lets see who or what can top this.

  • dallas murray

    its got to be the dumbs thing i ever seen when you got to hit someone with a dip stick to sell your product i use to use your product but not any more

  • hen

    My hubby being Scottish and a Glaswegian thinks this commercial is the most insulting out there today

    What a insult to the Scots..
    and he said if ya need a REAL accent he would be available as long as he isnt slapping someone with a dipstick

    stupid red hair the phony Scottish accent and the tartan
    the phony stupid Scottish accent since groundskeeper willy

  • Betty

    This has got to be the poorest excuse for a commercial that I have ever seen. It makes no sense and promotes hurting other people. Please do us all a favor and remove this from your advertising.

  • C. Traweek


  • Julie Thurman

    As a teacher, I STRONGLY OBJECT to this piece of trash you pass off as a commercial. Some of my students, and others in my school have started using sticks, yard sticks, and worse, going around smacking their classmates, siblings, and other children, while saying: “Think with your dipstick!” There is still enough violence on TV without having commercials encourage mindless, useless abuse. REMOVE THIS COMMERCIAL FROM THE AIRWAVES IMMEDIATELY!

  • Ed

    This is a great comercial. I laught everytime is comes on. Anyone who can complain about this comercial when we have an out of control government is an idiot.

  • Sal

    I perceive that all or most of the negative comments are from Christian Folk. Well I am a Christian and I think a good one too and I think the Commercial is funny. It’s meant to be whimsical! Lighten up! If you want to be mad about something just take a good look at Politics here and around the globe. New World Order? Refocus people!

  • Derek

    Ditto to the teacher, and their comment. I grew up a somewhat abused nerd, whimpy geek, who was quite often the target of bullies. Fortunately, I grew out of it, but have since (as a teacher myself-26 years) seen many kids emulate commercials such as this. It is without question, bad taste that the Catrol company would attempt to sell there product using such a poor example of social behavior. Congratulations to Castrol for achieving such a low.

  • Bob Puchala

    I absolutely LOVE this commercial, will buy nothing but Castrol. Would love to see more of these commercials, and would love to whack everyone of you who hates it with a dipstick. Think with your dipsticks, conservatives.

  • Mobes

    I find it curious how hateful these comments become, not toward the product (which is a good one) or the commercial (which is not) but toward the other people leaving comments.

    And the most hateful ones are also the ones by people who can’t spell or string a decent sentence together. What does that tell us.

    The ad industry is what it is. Morals and discretion tend to slip when profit is the goal. The old saw is the “sex sells.” I guess that’s true of violence as well.

    There’s probably an actuarial table that tells them whether a controversial commercial will win more customers than it loses. That’s the line they won’t cross

  • Juliana

    Wow, dudes. Found this site when trying to ID the actor w/the deadly dipstick & beard. (heh, heh, “dipstick.”) This ad cracks me up, but I’m one of those who likes 3 Stooges movies & “football to the groin” gags. A quick scan of the comments took my breath away. We must live in some wealthy and safe world when so many of us can spend our time creating/watching/analyzing/praising the creativity-or-bewailing the evils of 30 seconds or so seconds of advertising.

  • Carole Alexander

    Hope they are happy with just a few fans, I as a woman found it degrading and disgusting, and if you think only men are in charge of the family cars, in homes with men, you are very wrong, not to mention all the single women. Very poor marketing research. Nobody wants to hear about your dipstick.

  • John DiBiase

    This commercial sends a wrong message to children that hitting another human being is O.K.. Any physical punishment of another human being is an act of violence and when it occurs against children is an act of abuse.
    John DiBiase C.E.D.

  • Doug K.

    I am a victim and survivor of severe child abuse. I remember the radio antenna in the hand of my Mother slicing through the air and making that distictive sound before it landed on various parts of my body. I am 55 years old now and even after all of these years when I see this commercial I “cringe” and many bad memories return to haunt me one more time. The violence displayed in this commercial has no place on national television to be viewed by children. What is the Castrol company thinking? It’s shameful…

  • emily xyz

    “Idiotic, yes — but I like it, too!” This commercial cracks me up.

  • diane whitney

    I CANNOT STAND this advertisement! Every time it comes on, I can’t get to the mute button on my remote fast enough!!!!!!!!