Castrol Think with your Dipstick

Castrol USA has introduced Castrol Edge, an advanced synthetic motor oil, to Super Bowl viewers with the help of a dipstick happy Scottish golfer indulging in, quite literally, some slapstick humour.

Scotsman with dipstick in Castrol commercial

Castrol EDGE, it is claimed, is not like any other synthetic oil. To drive that claim home the company brings in a Glaswegian dipstick wielding bully. “Think with your dipstick, Jimmy!”, he says, as he cracks his dipstick across the legs of men who are thinking about synthetic oil. The advertisement leads to, which in turn transfers through to The site includes quicktime copies of the Grease Monkey and Dipstick videos and a behind the scenes look at filming Jimmy in action.

Click on the image below to play the video in YouTube


The Edge campaign was developed at Ogilvy & Mather, New York, by worldwide creative director David Fowler, creative director Jim Nolan, associate creative director Mark Davis, copywriter Stephen Winston, director of broadcast production Patti McConnell, agency executive producer Lisa Christman and agency producer Brie Hagle.

Filming was shot by The Perlorian Brothers via Furlined, Los Angeles, with executive producer David Thorne and producer Jay Shapiro. Post production and visual effects were developed at Smoke & Mirrors, New York.

  • billy-bob

    To reply to the race comment, if you watch the making of this commercial on Youtube you will see that 1. The guy is a real Scottsmen 2. HE IS HAVING A BLAST. The first time I saw this commercial I nearly choked, it is great. If your are too stupid to realize that this is satire and actually think that smacking people with a oil dipstick is normal behavior, than you are likely a Darwin candidate anyway, and this commercial is not going to make anything worse.

  • me

    dumbest F***** commercial this year!……so far

  • Joma

    Disgusting commercial. I’ve seen it so often that I now hit the mute button on the remote so I don’t have to listen to the nonsense and the violent WHACK over and over. Stupid, too, who writes those things? Where are the selling points for the product? Kids like to imitate adults and must see this frequently. TAKE IT OFF THE AIR!!!

  • Armond

    If this is what it takes to sell Castrol, I’ll buy something else.

  • OMG… relax,, its just a commercial, and a damn good one. LOL … Congrats on capturing the consumers attention.
    It is by far one of the funniest i have seen.
    ” now thats thinkin wit your dipstick Ogilvy & Mather”

  • MacDoogle

    I love this commercial- it’s so funny. It cracks me up. If you think it’s “too violent” go complain to congress and the president about the violence they perpetrate on other countries or go complain to the “rappers” and their violent musical themes. Now that’s real violence you bunch of pantie waists bleating hart “do-gooders”.
    It’s just a commercial and it’s funny. You cry babies need to be dipsticked

  • P


  • S McLoud

    The commercial really isn’t all that funny to me. What is funny are the posts from people attacking it on some sort of moral tact and then people defending it from another moral tact. It is a freaking commercial.. a stupid one.. that some people find funny.
    If you are worried about the country and our children, do something REAL. Posting here about God and Country does not make you Faithful or Patriotic… just Lazy and Pathetic.

  • Ampguy

    A personal attack on people’s spelling and grammar to defend your position is pathetic, Dipstickjimmy. I am in agreement that is an endorsement of violence being utilized as a solution to problems and is not a good lesson. For those of you who find violence humorous, I think you might think about the fact that our prisons are full of abused children….Burger King also had a commercial that showed one adult striking another, they had the good sense to pull it. If you think kids all over the country are not imitating this commercial, you are naive.

  • Potential customer

    If the idiot scot gets within reach he will have a broken arm.

  • E. Kramer

    How stupid to show somebody hit another person with a METAL dipstick. You will have some kid trying this and getting hurt. Take it off the sir.

  • LOP

    been thinking with my dipstick all my life (no, no, Castrol is all I have ever used )

  • Andrea

    There are so many other ways to be funny. What value is there in encouraging people to laugh at brutality or pain? This isn’t good slapstick. It’s violence impersonating humor. I’m not worried about children imitating the ad, nor about the morals of the country declining. I’m not a stick-in-the-mud, I know how to spell, and I’m sure as hell no Republican. I’m as capable of laughing at a joke as the next guy. But the only appropriate reaction to seeing one person whip another, complete with realistic sound effects and cries of pain, is revulsion, not amusement. If you lack that reaction it’s because you’ve been somewhat inured to violence. No one is improved by being desensitized to pain or violence. The ad campaign is distasteful and misguided, and I would like to see it taken off the air.

  • Very poor taste. Because of this ad I will not use this product and will actively encourage others not to use it. Advertising reflects the mindset of the advertiser. The Castrol mindset displayed in this dipstick ad is abhorrent and deserves severe financial punishment.

  • Montgomery Scott

    Very unfunny commercial that appeals to the lowest common denominator on the evolutionary scale. The kind of people who find this funny are the same kinds of people whose comments are chock full of misspelled words. Idiots.

  • W H Drummond

    Great…teach kids (who soak this stuff up like a sponge) to go beating up on others with metal rods. Sadism is all this adds up to. If you enjoy this kind of thing, why don’t you go to the Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco to see men whipping other men in real life — oh and don’t forget to bring the kids to partake in your sickness.

  • Duncan I.

    I’m still trying to figure this one out.

    I can’t figure out the Scottish connection. Is there a similar character or saying from somewhere this one is mimicking or lampooning?

    Now, if Fat Bastard from Austin Powers had done it, THAT would have been LMAO funny, and seeeexxxy too, ya know; but still, it would have been a non sequitur in re: The Scottish Connection.

    Anyone have a clue, or was this character and situation just the product of a Mad Avenue “three absinthe martini lunch”? The mad ramblings of some ad guy’s dip schtick?

  • Vivian T.

    i think this is not the thing that should be on TV…it makes kids think that they can pick up a stick and hit someone with it… i have 3 grandkids and i dont want to see them or any other child hit someone with a stick… we are not allowed to hit our children with a switch…why would you have someone hitting someone with a stick

  • concerned american

    If this is what we, as Americans, that live in a free country, want the rest of the world to perceive how we sell products, with violence, then we as a people, really have gone to the evil side of thinking. Shame that our country thinks pain is okay. You should all have to participate in this type of violence, you would change your outlook of how FUNNY it really is.

  • KarenE

    I find this very funny and I’m a REPUBLICAN, so there Ms. Lynn Barnes. Stop being such a hater!

  • Mr Mandala

    The best auto commercial of all time jimmy.I build hot rods for a living, and i get the point of this commercial. For everyone that is making this out to be a bad commercial, get a life, children known right from of wrong, because as parents we should be teaching them that. If any child takes this commercial to heart and does this to other child you failed as a parent. I love this commercial please make more, most of these people who are complaining are the ones who’s are making the u.s.a go down the drain. This is just old fashion laughter, enjoy it.

  • Mike

    The commercial simply rubs me the wrong way. I like slap stick humor like The Three Stooges, but advertisement is about as funny as someone getting his head hacked off with an ax. The dipstick guy makes me mad, he doesn’t make me want to laugh.

  • Eric in Tucson

    Say what you will- this commercial grabs your attention and keeps it. That is the objective of commercials. Good job to the production and marketing firms.

    All socialists please pluck your eyeballs out so you don’t have to watch it. And do not forget to recycle your used eyeballs. It’s the green thing to do.

  • Here’s my take on that ad.

  • forgot the link.

  • The real Dipstick Jimmy!

    Awesome commercial!…
    Anything that riles up fringe right is funny.
    Republicans…Religious Zealots…Stuck up Sticky beats…
    It always strikes me that the people railing against “violence” are threatening the same.
    Or standing on “In God We Trust” not what America was founded on. Our founding fathers created this nation based on freedom, freedom of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness…

    Every time I see that Scotsman smack a person on the leg I blissfully hope it’s one of you sanctimonious idiots… LOL

    get a grip… and keep thinking with your dipstick!
    Jimmy out!

  • Anthony

    I think the best part is that most of these people saying “I will not buy your product” probably don’t change their own oil so it’s up to their mechanic which oil will be put into their car…

  • Dan

    The commercial is terribly distasteful because it is making light of what is no doubt a painfully violent act and exceedingly inappropriate behavior. I complained to Castrol about this commercial, which is something I’ve never done before in my entire life. I think that alone speaks volumes about how totally idiotic this commercial is.

  • Dei

    Well I was looking online for information about this irratating commercial and started reading these comments. I am shocked by the response. I don’t really understand or even like the commerical but I can not agree with the naysayers. When my children were young and they imatated the Power Rangers by kicking each other; a long conversation and few months of not watching the show cured them of the kicking. Parents are too quick to blame TV, movies, etc. for bad parenting. If you don’t like the product fine don’t buy it…if you don’t like the commercial don’t watch it but don’t blame the company for what your children do because you don’t feel the need to monitor what they watch. As for me I DO NOT like the commercial but I will probably ask for more information the next time I take my car in.

  • ktgomez

    Hate the campaign; cringe everytime I see it on TV. The humor totally escapes me, my husband and my teen-age sons. Can’t wait for the campaign to expire. Fortunately for Castrol their customers are loyal and will buy regardless of their bad marketing decisions.

  • zzrok

    super bowl worthy commercial. im getting a t-shirt. this makes me laugh every time i see it.the commercial is funnier than the shows that they think make you laugh. ill bet your children laugh too and still sleep at night. this country needs a good laugh its good for the soul. lighten up america!

  • Patty Bowen

    Maybe to the advertising agency /agent who came up with this commercial, has no memories of being beaten..It is in super poor taste to promote hitting, especially from a grown man.. (don’t we teach our children not to hit????) Surely you can do better than this ..shame on you..

  • The real Dipstick Jimmy!

    Patty Bowen
    “Maybe to the advertising agency /agent who came up with this commercial, has no memories of being beaten”
    My grandfather made me get my own switches when I was a boy and literally gave me 3-5 good whacks on the legs if I did something I was told not to do. But he did it “when” I disobeyed the rules. Harsh punishment but It only happened twice. I did not disobey my after that and I have to say I respect him more than any human to have walked the earth or ever will. He taught me humility and strength of character. He was honest and fair, and he taught me humor. No beating people up isn’t funny. But the guy smacks him for “not doing what he should”. Later in my teens we would laugh about me getting punished because it was a lesson taught, if I was a bad kid maybe it wouldn’t have been so funny. Come to think about it none of his 5 kids turned out to be bad kids either. I am sure I have heard stories of their time with the switch as have all the family as a warning. He did it to instill a point that I wouldn’t forget. I still remember.

    point being, talk to your kids, if they don’t understand the difference between reality and T.V. that is your fault. If they think it’s ok to imitate what they see on t.v. that is your fault.

    so which is it… are you a bad parent or are your kids retarded???

    and if you don’t like that kind of humor that is your right. But don’t blame your lack of parental skills on T.V. and if your kids don’t want to listen to you… maybe you should go get a switch!


  • Mat delfave

    It’s not cute, it’s a frickin’ obnoxious ad. So maybe some people love it. Big deal… there are probably folks who think waterboarding’s funny too.

    What I wanna know is, how does a “love it or hate it” ad like this make any sense economically, where if you don’t attract a customer, you may just as likely alienate him? I know it sure doesn’t leave me with a fondness for Castrol products anymore, synthetic or otherwise.

  • Christie

    Wow….after reading all the comments I am shocked over the amount of whining and complaining over a “commercial”. I agree with Jax.. stop letting the T.V. do your parenting. For the people complaining about being hit with a switch when they were younger…. Go get some therapy cuz you obviously need it. This commercial is exactly what it is… a commercial. A damn funny one at that,so lighten up people and start complaining about things that really matter like oh how about….the war we are in, the economy, our government…. geeez.

  • Mat

    Why the hissy-fit because some folks don’t like the commercial?

    It’s a free country… or does everyone have to think the same as you? “Geeez” indeed…

  • Ted

    This is a commercial that says it is okay to go and hit people who does not agree with you and that is want is wrong these days.If this commercial was showing someone smacking a child or a women there would be an up roar but becase it showing a man hiting another man it is okay and we call it funny. This type of commercial make me change want brand of product I use in not only in my personal cars but also in my companies fleet of trucks. To Mat and the others who think it is funny think twice it is not and yes it is a free country and that is why we are allowed to voice our thoughts

  • Kim

    I hate your ad with a wild Scotsman beating people with a dipstick. It is pure violent abuse and I would never buy your product and support such violence. My husband been an auto body mechanic for 40 plus years and he despises your ad as well. He believes it lowers the mentality of the auto body mechanics by being beat with a dipstick. It’s a pure disgrace.

  • D. Keller

    I think this comerical isin vary poor taste. Wouldn’t use our product if it were free.

  • Andrea S.

    I LOVE this commercial!! My husband and I crack up every time it comes on. Does anyone know if this is the same actor in the Planters ad and the McDonald’s Filet O’Fish ad?
    And for anyone that thinks this is in bad taste, or poor judgment, or that kids will be influenced by it, get over it — it is a commercial!!

  • My Dipstick, JIMMY!

    All you folks who think this is a BAD commercial need to tune back in to the Michael Jackson’s Still Dead Network. That’s obviously where you Obamaites are getting your family values. I’ve used Castrol for years and will continue to do so, regardless of their ad campaigns. Only mindless socialists NEED TV to guide them through their miserable fruitless lives so they can de-educate their loser children to be the same way they are. This ad is ‘thinking with your dipstick’ funny, JIMMY.

  • oregon gal

    Frickin’ funny! Those who think that children will do it are lame – children do enough stupid cr*p all on their own – and if you’re letting them watch too much tv – it’s your own fault!

    Realize that they have to put different advertising for different folks – cause we don’t all have the same opinions! DUH!!

  • Castrol–NeverAgain

    What kind of morons are those Castrol people?

    I can’t trust an outfit that’s stupid enough to sign off on that commercial. What kind of junk are they putting into their oil, and what will it do to my engine?

    From now on, it’s Mobil One for this driver.

  • Dave O

    What a bunch of whiney babies. That junk’s funny! I’m watching speed channel right now so I can see the commercial! I was changing the oil in my tahoe last week and all I can think of was “That’s thinking with your dipstick! Jimmmy!”

  • ude

    What’s funny is that the guy who plays the guy whipping people with the dipstick is also in these new IBM commercials for revamping the healthcare industry…as a doctor!

  • Meltdown Man

    I love genital mutilation humor too! Like all those commercials where a guy gets hit in his nads. That’s funny stuff. Really thinking outside the box. So to speak. People who can’t laugh at someone having their sexual organs mutilated should get a life! Too bad more clients don’t have the courage Castrol has in showing people being physically abused. That’s the kind of edgy advertising we need in a country like ours that is simply too uptight about violence.

  • MarkM

    Good lord people, get real! He didn’t bash someones skull in with a 2×4. He thwacked the back of their leg.

    This commercial is hysterical.

  • Bob

    Excellent commercial! It is very memorable with a fun character! Some people have forgotten true slapstick humor and its history of success in the world (The Three Stooges). I can only imagine what some critics would say if the Scottsman had hit a woman with the dipstick. Stop trying to over sanitize the world with political correctness, and keep making these hilarious commercials!

  • ming_on_mongo

    Haw, haw, haw, isn't that funny…. a Scottish guy running around whipping folks who don't buy what he thinks they should. Then we have the 'Mother Teresas' here who not only get a charge of that, they gotta drag politics into it too. But what is “funny” (and not surprising), is how often it seems to be the right wingers who 'appreciate' this kind of “humor”.

  • panhorst

    Let me be brief and use language dipsticks can understand: this commercial sucks! It is degreading to all Scots and to any thinking person. The gratuitous violence is the last thing needed on TV these days. I can't believe it is still being broadcast. I've called Castrol's 800 number several times to complain, but the dipsticks at CASTROL aren't thinking. DAvid Fowler, Ogilvy and Mather, Jim Noland, MArk Davis–you should all have your oil checked. Don't spend all your ill-gotten gains at the same place. Castrol, come to your senses. You've got perfectly good oil that I've used for 30 years, but I'm ready for a moratorium on buying your product.