Castrol Think with your Dipstick

Castrol USA has introduced Castrol Edge, an advanced synthetic motor oil, to Super Bowl viewers with the help of a dipstick happy Scottish golfer indulging in, quite literally, some slapstick humour.

Scotsman with dipstick in Castrol commercial

Castrol EDGE, it is claimed, is not like any other synthetic oil. To drive that claim home the company brings in a Glaswegian dipstick wielding bully. “Think with your dipstick, Jimmy!”, he says, as he cracks his dipstick across the legs of men who are thinking about synthetic oil. The advertisement leads to, which in turn transfers through to The site includes quicktime copies of the Grease Monkey and Dipstick videos and a behind the scenes look at filming Jimmy in action.

Click on the image below to play the video in YouTube


The Edge campaign was developed at Ogilvy & Mather, New York, by worldwide creative director David Fowler, creative director Jim Nolan, associate creative director Mark Davis, copywriter Stephen Winston, director of broadcast production Patti McConnell, agency executive producer Lisa Christman and agency producer Brie Hagle.

Filming was shot by The Perlorian Brothers via Furlined, Los Angeles, with executive producer David Thorne and producer Jay Shapiro. Post production and visual effects were developed at Smoke & Mirrors, New York.

  • Pamela schliske

    Your commercial is sickening. Ut promotes people hitting people and due to your poor judgement I would not but your product

  • Bob Longley

    Your new commercial is a looser.You have some bully hitting people with a dipstick then telling the injuried to buy oil.

    Shame on you.

  • Joseph Williams

    What is this world coming to when a bit of light hearted slapstick humor arouses such criticism? With the notable exception of my friend Moe at the top I find your comments heinous and repugnant. As such they will be stricken from the record. Good day!

  • Amy Gregory

    I have to agree with Mr. Williams. What is wrong with you that you can’t lighten up a little and enjoy some slapstick humor? Get the stick out of your ass and try to enjoy the world the way the rest of us do. It’s just funny. Stop being so literal!

  • Lynn Barnes

    Oh now …. come on!!! This has got to be one of the FUNNIEST commercials EVER!!! I am so tire of you stick in the mud, cry babies that would rather complain instead of enjoy!!! Sports are violent, the evening news is violent, and to me ….. your comments are violent! Live a little. I would rather see this commercial than one with a girls chest hanging clean out of her shirt! This is creativity at it’s best!!! You must be republicans!!!





  • thinkin` w/ my dip stick jimmy

    same as above;how `bout them shirts?

  • Steve Glover

    It’s intended to be over the top and campy. If it didn’t succeed in attracting our attention we wouldn’t be posting about it now! I agree with Moe…it’s mad funny! But then, I liked Bugs Bunny and the Road Runner cartoons too. Will the T_shirts be available in shamrock green?


    T-Shirts, Bobbleheads, I see a marketing goldmine here. That is a funny commercial (unless youre the overly sensitive type).

  • DB

    !!!!!!!!THAT’S JUST FUNNY STUFF MEN!!!!!!!!
    (no animals women or kids being dipsticked so shut up ya pussy’s)
    *********PROTECT AND THINK WITH YOUR DIPSTICK great message to ALL MEN!****

  • zekepapas

    I’d beat that stupid scotsmans ass with his own dipstick.

  • Doc

    This is truly some

  • Doc

    This is truly some funny shit.

  • Charles Vanhoy

    I know no one got hit with the dip stick. But if you have ever been whipped with a hickory stick,you would no that it is a sick commercial. If it were me and that happen,as soon as I could walk again,I would wrap that dip styick around that guys neck till he was dead.

  • Litz603

    I aggree with the hickory stick comment. This is a really poor commercial. Some of you want to wear this lame crap on your tee-shirts? What sort of a message about yourself will you be handing out there?

  • Lisa


  • doug lawson

    is there any reasearch to back up castrol claim,that the oil has 8times the wear properties as mobil,which i belive to be good oil.

  • dennis lattion

    Some of you have it right. ..we have enough trouble correcting our childern about what they learn from TV. Now we have them running around hitting each other across the back of their legs thinking it’s OK, they do it on TV. The people that produced this must do a lot of adult entertainment.

  • Jaxon Lowen’s a frickin’ commercial !!! Not every commercial has to have a meaning, if that were the case then I couldn’t buy a Routon unless my wife was pregnant or not watch Hulu because Alec Baldwin will scoop out my brains with a melon baller. I suppose you had to also explain to your children about the earlier Castrol EDGE commercial, and tell them not to use the oil because a bunch of chimps will show up if they do. Try actual parenting instead of having TV babysit for you…
    That being said, that is one of the funniest commercials I’ve seen in a looong time..

  • dennis lattion

    Strange how some people enjoy or even consider it funny, watching human pain and or torture.

  • Travis Ruiz

    HUMAN PAIN IS FUNNY AS HELL!!! Even when your the one that got hurt. I want this on a shirt with a button that plays “Think with your Dipstick, Jimmy”

  • Patrick

    Its a great commercial.

  • Lance Manion

    I missed this during the SB. Just saw it a few minutes ago and think it is hilarious.

  • My Hairy Kids

    It would of been funnier if it were a women dishing out the pain. I thought that was what all men do anyway, think with your dipstick. LMAO

  • Tonee

    I think your commercial should be taken off the air. It promotes cruelty. Children watch more commercials than regular programing. They will think that it is OK to hurt people. I will not buy your product.

  • ShereĆ©

    I love this commercial – I’d like to whip people with a dipstick on a daily basis.

  • Bobby

    That will make a great ringtone. Super funny commercial

  • larry

    I love the one comment that thinks it’s a sick commercial. They said they would, wrap that dipstick around his neck and choke him untill he is dead. With that kind of thinking, they should go to Washington D.C. They would be smarter that what we have representing us there now.
    Great commercial!

  • Alan

    Think with your dipstick, Pammie!

  • Duell McCall

    Shame on you Castrol for being so insensitive and totally missing the point. A pie in the face is funny. A lash across the legs is not.

  • The Goombah

    All you haters need to think with your dipstick Jimmy, this commercial is money!

  • Dipstick Jimmy

    Shutup all you winebags or i am going to have to swipe you one with the dipsick!! To top it off this was one of the few Superbowl commercials that was funny, so were just trying to laugh it up while can!!!

  • DipStick Jimmy


  • DipStick Jimmy

    Hey DENNIS LATTION what do you think is funny late late show with Carson Daly!!!!

  • ralph pelkey

    I think this is a terrible com it shows absoulty no taste at all.I build high end street rods and i will never use your products again there are to many young kids watchen tv and will pick up on this and are you going to be there to take responceabilty for what you are teaching them.some one needs to grow up{A LOT}my son manages a local Oreilly store here in wichita ks he is going to talk to his district manager about pulling your products off the shelf AND I HOPE THEY DO ive talked to the guys in my car club not one of them think its funny one of them sayes it brings back bad memorys he used to get beat with a dip stick what a horrible thing your puting out to the public R PELKEY

  • Bill

    I don’t get the Castrol/Scottish connection. Is Castrol a clan???

  • Marsha, NM

    This is a horrible commercial. There is way too much meaness in our world to have it in a stupit commercial like this. What we need is a lot more of God’s love and a lot less hittting.

  • Not onyour life

    who ever is your advertising agent is an asshole. we have enough violence in this crazy world without your advertising to make things worse I would not buy or use your products if it was the last on this earth. You are jerks.


    This commercial is funny and creative. In fact I will be buying a tshirt when they come out and I will sport that thing all up in your face, all up in your kids face, and all the crying in the WORLD won’t stop me. Suck on that dipstick!

    Maybe you should try being parents instead of letting your tv’s do the job.

  • DipstickJimmy

    I notice that many of the detractors of this commercial have very poor spelling and lack English skills. I hope that, in time, they realize that an argument for any side of a debate, no matter how compelling, suffers without proper spelling and grammar.

    With that said, this commercial OWNS me. I’m sorry, but it’s my humble opinion that slapstick comedy in no way causes people to commit violent acts. My parents and grandparents came up on the Three Stooges, Buster Keaton, the Keystone Kops, etc., and there’s not a violent, screwed up freak in the lot. If anything, those generations were of a much more genteel nature than recent ones.

  • Parker15

    Oh man…I feel bad for the people that are so influenced by commercials that they will be unable to fight the irresistable urge to go and slash people in the back of the legs with a dipstick!
    Aht’s crap!
    Ahl I gawt tah say is…thahnk wit yourrr distahk Jimmah!

  • OIL& LUBE!

    Love this commercial!

    To all you whiners above that can’t find anything to laugh about with this commercial only one thing can be said:

    Pull the “dip stick” out of your ass JIMMY and live alittle!

  • DipstickJimmy

    I will also be in line to buy this TShirt. AND dipstick jimmy is destined to become one of the biggest ringtones of all time. I built mine last night!

    Way to go Castrol, I will be buying all of your fine products AS LONG AS the “highlander” is representin’.

    Take THAT naysayers.

  • April

    The “Think with your dipstick” campaign is ridiculous and should be taken off the air. If you watch it closely you will see that even potential buyers of the product are struck with the dipstick. Where is the humor in the commercial and why would it make someone go out and buy the product? It’s simply sadistic!

  • DAM

    If anyone says that this commercial is gonna make kids violent or make them do anything bad against others needs to take a look at themselves. The kids don’t become violent from commercials or tv unless they have no discipline at home, parents need to step up and be adults and teach their kids that on commercials and tv things are not real its pretend and that doing these things to someone would not be good. So, if you can’t handle some good old fashioned slapstick humor then don’t watch tv and shelter yourself from reality. This stuff is funny so get over it.

  • Dave X

    Yeah…This commercial is funny…Hillarius!…That is to the same MONKEYS that think the three stooges are funny or “accidently” running into the wall or getting accidently” getting hit in the balls or slipping on a banana peel.
    Who is Castrol targeting with this add? Eight year olds?
    Whoops, my bad, TOOLS like you that find it funny.
    I cant change my channel fast enough for fear I will lose some IQ points if forced to endure all 30 seconds.

  • Paul

    Castrol’s next commercials will feature an African American man eating a watermelon, a Japanese lady saying “so so solly,” and a Mexican in a sombrero dozing against a wall. Or are ridiculous racial stereotypes only okay when they’re about groups that don’t generally complain about them?

  • JP

    Castrol knows their customers. This ad gets attention. If you don’t change your oil or specify a brand then maybe you don’t find this funny. If you hang around garages and auto parts stores then you probably will notice that this ad is universally considered funny. If you don’t think its funny then watch some Saturday morning cartoons and get really upset! If you want to have ads that are nice and violence free like in Europe or Canada then quit being a prude and allow lots of sex in advertising just like Canada and Europe. Of course you can boycott made in USA synthetic oil and continue importing foreign oil from countries that extract it in an unenvironmentally friendly non-green way. That’s the kind of person you are.

  • c.m.

    I counted all the above comments and there is more cons than pros to the commercial. We live in a country that has freedom of speatch. I for one HATE IT!! No matter how good of a parent you are , nobody can watch kids 100% of the time. We as a nation should do ALL we can to stop the violance. Since I was a kid , this country has lost two many family values. Bring back ” IN GOD WE TRUST ” that will help alot.