Castrol Think with your Dipstick

Castrol USA has introduced Castrol Edge, an advanced synthetic motor oil, to Super Bowl viewers with the help of a dipstick happy Scottish golfer indulging in, quite literally, some slapstick humour.

Scotsman with dipstick in Castrol commercial

Castrol EDGE, it is claimed, is not like any other synthetic oil. To drive that claim home the company brings in a Glaswegian dipstick wielding bully. “Think with your dipstick, Jimmy!”, he says, as he cracks his dipstick across the legs of men who are thinking about synthetic oil. The advertisement leads to, which in turn transfers through to The site includes quicktime copies of the Grease Monkey and Dipstick videos and a behind the scenes look at filming Jimmy in action.

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The Edge campaign was developed at Ogilvy & Mather, New York, by worldwide creative director David Fowler, creative director Jim Nolan, associate creative director Mark Davis, copywriter Stephen Winston, director of broadcast production Patti McConnell, agency executive producer Lisa Christman and agency producer Brie Hagle.

Filming was shot by The Perlorian Brothers via Furlined, Los Angeles, with executive producer David Thorne and producer Jay Shapiro. Post production and visual effects were developed at Smoke & Mirrors, New York.

  • Greg

    You people are so stupid that it makes me sick! “…how many actor went to the emergency room…” the are actors and stunt men, and you are ignorant. Apparently you haven’t seen the European automobile commercials involving animal decapitation, and naked people. Keep your opinion to yourself, because smart, self-thinking, non-tree hugging, non-bleeding heart liberals are tired of your self-centered censorship. It is called freedom of speech and expression. If you do not like it, change the channel, or better yet, get rid of your television, because if you cannot handle a commercial, you sure the hell cannot handle some drama on at 6 p.m.

  • David Lan

    I went to school with the guy that wrote and came up with this stuff. We even worked together for years. This TV spot is genius!

    All of you critics try to make “Oil Change” ads funny and you’ll see how hard it is.

    Go Winston!!

  • Howard

    If you were ever struck by a dipstick, you would not be using it in your ads the way you do.
    It hurts and leaves a big welt.
    Try it sometime and I guarantee you will not think it is funny.

    Thanks, Howard.

  • Jocko

    This is the stupidist comercial that I have ever watched. Who in their right mind run around slapping people on the backside with a dipstick? I change the channel every time it comes on. Come on you can do better than that, maybe a pretty girl or a hot car. Anything would be better.

  • Gordon H.

    Your adds promote violence and unfairness. Your product has quality butI won’t promote or reccomend Castrol any longer. The violence displayed remind me of the perverts on Criminal Minds. We have been owner/operators of auto repair shops for 30 years. Stop these stupid vuolence promoting adds go back to talking about your product.
    Cheryl Parts order pro and Partner.

  • Terry

    Hey guys, I am completely disgusted with your add, Think with your dipstick. Not only is it the dumbest add I have ever seen, it is violent. I believe it will promote children to strike one one another in such a similar matter, and that is so unnessesairy I will never use your product, and I will recomend to my friends that they don’t either. Terry

  • ben

    oh my gosh, i can’t believe you guys get all worked up against a funny commercial that you think is stupid, look at yourselves most of you that are complaining cant even spell!

  • Patricia

    I think the ad is sick and comes from a sick mind. How is whiping someone with a sharp metal stick funny ? Shame on you.

  • Matt Phillips

    OK…. Everyone that thinks that this TV AD promotes violence are just plain ignorant.
    I would rather see stuff like this and put a smile on my face and make me forget about my problems for 5 min then some over paid actor telling me that I need to change my oil.
    It’s funny how in the time that were living in its ok for TV ad’s to show sex or in reality TV show it’s ok, But some poor guy gets hit with a dipstick and everyone loses there mind.

  • bobby


  • Joe

    This commercial is freaking funny. People need to relax. Its the people who complain that make this country the hell hole it is. If you don’t like it change the channel.

  • Linda

    I can’t believe anybody thinks this is a good ad. The violence is terrible. It makes you look so stupid. I could go on and on at how bad it is, but instead, I encourage everyone I know not to use your product.

  • Paula

    I agree with Terry & Gordon H. This promotes senseless violence and is irresponsible advertising. I will never use Castrol products again. I have even written directly to Castrol – no response. Hopefully enough people will write Castrol & they will develop a better commercial.

  • Kris

    my god people. It`s a commerical. Calm down. Children REALLLYY see this and think ” Oh the crazy scotsman told me to go whip my friends and random strangers” my god ,I`ve seen this a thousand times , and all I do is laugh , forget about it and maybe crack some jokes about my friend Jimmy later.

  • Sheldon

    I think its funny!!! Using slapstick humor to draw your interest is all it is.

  • Stoutboy

    Lamest commercial I’ve seen in a long time. Yeah, it’s violent, but that doesn’t bother me. It’s just so extraordinarily unfunny. There’s nothing more excruciating than someone trying to be funny who isn’t. And this clown isn’t. This is nails on the chalkboard unfunny. So pathetic.

  • kamdrag
  • Bluejay

    I’ll bet everyone of you chronic complainers about violence watch violent TV shows and movies all the time and don’t think a thing about it.

  • Jimmy

    Okay. So all the hard working American’s that aren’t afriad to get dirty to change there own oil don’t like to see a FAKE video of some STRANGER being hit with a dipstick. OH SHIT. This counrty is going to hell. Violence is real, its everywhere, its HUMAN NATURE. We’ve been killing since the dawn of time. Unless you’re some kinda Peace monk who lives in the mountains you have committed or witnessed an act of violence before and enjoyed it. So learn to deal with it you pansy assed pussies. It’s America and it’s FREE. So if you don’t like it move to a DIFFERENT COUNTRY and bow down to foriegn leaders. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

    • Brett

      Brilliant commentary that misses the point entirely.

  • Brett

    It’s not violence, for heaven’s sake. It’s the loopy antics of an old codger, a la the Benny Hill Show. The humor comes from the improbability of it all. The audience isn’t watching vicariously, it’s witnessing a self-aware form of slapstick absurdity with actors and props and fake whipping noises and false expressions of anguish. I’m afraid the American television watching audience has either become desensitized to genuinely harmful scenes of violence or is hypervigilant to such a nonstop barrage of problematic content that many viewers can no longer distinguish the malignant from the benign. Get a grip. Or move to England. It’s okay to laugh when laughing is precisely what’s called for.

  • Austin

    This commercial is hillarious! All you douche bags that are crying because you think its violent are a bunch of whimps. Quit being so damn sensitive.

  • Jeff W.

    This is one of the funniest commercials ever. It’s not to be taken seriously, folks. It’s just comedy.

  • Bill

    The commercial was hilarious. I think normal, intelligent, rational people can accept it for what it is. I can’t believe so many people got so worked up about it. If that was the worst that happened on the streets of this country in a single day we would be so much better off.

  • scott

    how is whipping someone with a dipstck not funny? It promotes not being a dumb A*S when it comes to servicing your car.