Calvin Harris I’m Not Alone in Norway

“I’m Not Alone”, the newly released single from Scottish singer/songwriter and producer Calvin Harris, is being promoted in a music video filmed in Norway by Christian Holm-Glad. The music video tells the bizarre story of a young boy who grows up looking for a way to discover the comfort he experienced as a child in his toy bear.

Calvin Harris in I'm Not Alone music video

A small boy wanders through a snow-filled forest dragging a sledge with a toy bear on top, stopping to light a fire and cuddle the bear. As he flees from a disturbance the bear falls off his sled. We’re next taken to a shot of Harris playing the part of a deranged scientist, performing experiments on female capatives, attempting to combine their essences to reanimate his lost bear.

“I’m Not Alone” was filmed in Oslo, Norway on February 6, 2009, directed by Christian Holm-Glad via Bulldozer Film.