Cadbury Favourites Made For Many

Cadbury Schweppes in Australia is promoting the Favourites collection of chocolates with a visual effects driven television commercial using music by Canada band Broken Social Scene. A man sits on a park bench with an “esky”, an Australian chilled picnic box. People start climbing out of his esky, bringing with them the makings of a shared picnic: a rug, a parasol, food, a portable swimming pool and lots of people. For some strange reason all online copies of the video have a lighting treatment that picks up rays of sunlight.

Cadbury Favourites screen shot

Click on the image below to play the video.


The Cadbury Favourites campaign was developed at George Patterson Y&R, Melbourne, by creative director Ben Coulson, creatives Chris Northam and Simon Bagnasco.

Filming was shot by Kris Moyes via Revolver, Melbourne, with executive producer Michael Ritchie, producer Caroline Barry, and director of photography Jac Fitzgerald.

Editor was Stewart Reeves at Guillotine.

VFX were developed by Leoni Willis at Animal Logic .

Lyrics for Stars and Sons

Then when you let it
You asked for nothing
Why don’t you share it
All of the time you live
There’s something out there

This way we’ll know, how far to live on
there’s one more avenue in this town
And in the red room
At a distance

How would you know it
You’re the same when you’re living
I don’t know it
It won’t be this

This way we’ll know, how far to live on
This way we’ll know, how far to live on

All of the time you wait, there’s someone out there
And no one can find all the red

How would you show it
You can see through the red
I don’t know it
It won’t be this time