Bud Light Meeting

Anheuser Busch presents Bud Light as the affordable and drinkable choice in this slightly humorous commercial set in a company struggling to cope with tight finances.

Bud Light a suggestion in Office Meeting

An executive team gathers around a board room table, with Bud Light available to all in bottles. One woman comments, “You do get a hint of drinkability right away!” So how to meet the budget? Cutting back on marketing or eliminating bonuses? Or by not providing Bud Light in every meeting? Click on the image below to play the video in YouTube


Meeting was developed at DDB Chicago, filmed by director Erich Joiner via Tool of North America. Visual effects were developed at D Train. Sound was recorded at Another Country by Dave Gerbosi. Editor was Kevin Zimmerman at The Whitehouse Post.

  • Brett Morey

    This was by far the most humerous spot aired during the SuperBowl. I also want to applaud the agency for keeping the product as the feature and developing a story line that is fitting with what is going on in Corporate America. My only question is, how were the special effects done? One has to assume that a dummy was tossed through the window yet it looks as if a stunt man crashes through the tree. The sound effects were so believable.

    Great work!

    Brett Morey
    San Diego, CA