Bud Light Lime in Sphere of Summer

Bud Light Lime is presented as the beer with a summer feel in “Sphere of Summer”, a commercial aired during the Super Bowl 2009. Anheuser Busch is working hard to prevent drop off in sales for the new brand, launched in May 2008. Sphere of Summer is part of a campaign that suggests that although seasons may be colder, summer tastes are still in.

Sphere of Summer in Bud Light Lime commercial

A man in summer clothes walks out of a bottle store carrying a six pack of Bud Light Lime. It quickly becomes apparent that it’s the middle of winter. The sphere of summer surrounding the Bud Light Lime guy momentarily changes his environment to summer. A motorist moving snow off his vehicle starts opening up a convertible. A snow blower becomes a lawn mower for a second or two. Finally the Bud Light Lime guy reaches a haven of summer, with a sphere created by a Bud Light Lime party. “It’s a Summer state of mind.” Click on the image below to play the video.


Sphere of Summer was developed at DDB Chicago by group creative director Mark Gross, creative directors Chris Roe and Chuck Rachford, copywriter Pat Burke, art director Chris Carraway, executive producer Will St. Clair, producer Kate Hildebrant, associate producer Patty Phassos.

Filming was shot by Stylewar, via Smuggler, with director of photography Crille Forsberg, executive producer Patrick Milling Smith and Brian Carmody, Lisa Rich and Allison Kunzman, producer Tim Kerrison and production designer/art director Steve Sumney.

Editor was Carlos Lowenstein at The Whitehouse Post, Chicago.

VFX were done at Brickyard VFX by lead 2D artist Mandy Sorenson, lead 3D artists Robert Sethi and Sam Kao, VFX producer Amy Russo.

Telecine was done at Filmworkers Club by colorist Michael Mazur.

Sound was recoreded by John Binder at Another Country.

Music used, with the lyrics, “He’s so fresh”, is “That Dude”, by Oakland rap group The High Decibels.

Click on the image below to play the video.