BT Financial Group Challenging Priorities for Super

BT Financial Group is encouraging Australians to take control of their superannuation in a series of humorous newspaper advertisements that reveal the follies of everyday human behaviour, by highlighting the trivial things in life Australians choose to prioritise over their future financial security. The print campaign was first in the Banking, Insurance and Financial Service category of the Caxton Awards for Newspaper Advertising, along with the award for best photography.

Five scenarios, Bins, CDs, Casual, Horoscopes and Suitcase, were launched in newspaper, outdoor and online between June and September 2008. The campaign, focused primarily on Melbourne and Sydney, was designed to draw potential customers to

BT Financial Bins print advertisement

Are we seriously more possessive about our rubbish than our super?

BT Financial CDs print advertisement

Do we really care more about organising our music than our super?

BT Financial Casual Friday print advertisement

Does the thrill of Casual Friday really compare with taking control of our super?

BT Financial Horoscopes print advertisement

Is it really more important to read our horoscope than check our super?

BT Financial Suitcase print advertisement

Isn’t it odd how we can overcompensate for a short trip but do nothing for our longest holiday?

John Shuttleworth, BT Financial Group, General Manager Superannuation and Integrated Marketing added, “For most of us, our superannuation will be one of the largest investment we make in our lifetime. It represents around one in every ten dollars we earn, yet most Australians are disengaged and don’t even think about it as their own money.

“Our research shows that Australians, particularly those in the 30-49 year age bracket, avoid taking control of their super as they find it complex, boring and difficult to manage. This campaign aims to convince Australians of the importance of their super and by speaking to them in their own language, have some fun with what is usually a very dry subject. The ultimate aim of this campaign is to have Australians understand how important taking an interest in their super is and to change their priorities to take control of the savings.”


The Priorities campaign was developed at Host/The Glue Society by art director Pete Baker, copywriter Jonathan Kneebone, photographer Derek Henderson, retoucher Creamy, and designer Duncan White.

Anthony Freedman, Managing Partner of Host: “BT Financial Group was quick to acknowledge that superannuation is not a topic that occupies every waking moment for most thirty-something Australians. They challenged us to develop a campaign with enough entertainment and humour to cut through the apathy and position BT as a customer -centric company that understands attitudes and actions regarding superannuation.”