Bridgestone Hot Item on the Moon

Bridgestone presented their tires as the ideal steal in “Hot Item”, a commercial aired during the Super Bowl 2009. Two astronauts drive a buggy on one of the moons of Saturn, getting out to collect rock samples and dance.

Moon buggy in Bridgestone Hot Item commercial

Hot Item

Wandering away from your moon buggy is a risky thing to do, when you know that your tires are a hot item in the solar system.

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Behind the Scenes

Actors try out their space suits and harnesses. Fledgling thieves practice removing tires.

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The Taters ad was developed at The Richards Group, Dallas, by creative director Glenn Dady, art director Jimmy Bonner, copywriter Rob Baker and agency producer JR Dixon.

Filming was shot by Daniel Kleinman of Rattling Stick, London, and bicoastal Epoch Films, with director of photography Paul Cameron.

Editor was Steve Gandofi at Cut + Run. VFX and animation was done at Framestore, London. Colorist was Matt Turner at Company 3.

Music is the 1992 hit “Jump Around” by American hip hop group House of Pain. Sound was designed by Rohan Young at Lime Studios, Santa Monica.