Breastfeeding Stimulates

Breastfeeding stimulates the development of your child’s brain. That’s the message from Vereniging Begeleiding en Bevordering van Borstvoeding (The Association for the Guidance and Promotion of Breastfeeding) in Belgium, presented in a series of print advertisements featuring advanced childrens books: Timmy and the Macromolecules, Bernie discovers polynomial equations, Jaco teaches you Fractal Geometry.

Breastfeeding Timmy

Breastfeeding Jaco

Breastfeeding Bernie


The Breastfeeding Stimulates campaign was developed at DDB Brussels, Belgium, by creative director Peter Aerts, art director Massimo De Pascale, copywriter François Massinon, account director Francis Lippens, illustrator Mehdi Dewalle and photographer Thomas François.

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