Bontrust Make Money Increase in Currency

Bontrust, a German financial advice company, have provided a sexual take on the international financial market in Money Love, an animated commercial developed at Optix, Hamburg. The ad brings together the English pound, the American dollar, the Chinese yuan in a NSFW romp. Clara Schumann, whose face appeared on the 100 Deutsche Mark note, stars as the femme fatale with a British 20 Pound body. The explicit activity between Schumann and Lincoln is sure to elicit a range of reactions from the British, Germans and Americans who love their currency. Fortunately for the agency, Mao’s involvement with Clara is only hinted at. Yet who knows how the Chinese bloggers will react!

Abraham Lincoln and Clara Schumann in Bontrust ad

Optix has made a world completely made out of banknotes, with explicit characters, Clara Schumann, Abraham Lincoln and Mao Tse Tung. The team focused their research on the characters and the appropriate furniture, buildings, bridges, landscapes, and clothing styles. An origami feel for the world was created in 2D style frames. The team spent hours making origami figures out of dollar and pound notes, providing inspiration for the 3D characters were created in Softimage XSI. Each character received an individual animation rig. With this digital skeleton we defined positions, rotations as well as the movements of the particulars.

Click on the image below to play the video.


Geldvermehrung (Increase In Currency) was developed at Grabarz & Partner, Hamburg, by creative directors Fedja Kehl and Paul von Mühlendahl.

Animation was developed at Optix Digital by director Andreas Pohl, art director Petra Delitsch, lead 3D artist Markus Geerts, 3D artists Michael Gottschalk, Florian Weyh and Marc Goecke.

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