Boags Great Tasmanian Pipeline

Lion Nathan launched its first campaign for Boag’s Draught in Australia in September 2008, with “The Great Tasmanian Pipeline”, highlighting the beer’s availability on-tap in mainland Australia. The campaign was based on a green pipeline network that pumps Boag’s Draught from the brewery in Launceston across Bass Strait directly to mainland venues. A fake public awareness campaign, consisting of fly posters, venue posters and informational pamphlets, informed the community of the infrastructure project and explained why such a pipeline is a “worthwhile endeavour”.

Boag's Tasmania to Tap print advertisement

Boag's Tasmania to Tap print advertisement

Tasmanian Pipeline Online

The Pipeline campaign online at pipeline project manager who gives tours of the inner workings of the project via videos, newsfeeds and updates. The site also features online consumer promotions and product give-aways. The campaign was also provided with a Facebook group.


The Great Tasmanian Pipeline campaign was developed at Boag’s by marketing manager Raniero Miccoli, brand manager Richard Spicer.

The Publicis Mojo agency team included creative director Micah Walker, art director Paul Sharp, copywriter Mike Burdick, digital art director Andy Cooke, creative services director Lisa Vermaak, senior producer Oscar Birken, senior digital producer Julia Prior, TV producer Penny Brown, business director Jenny Lipson, account director Simon Ludowyke, account manager Tara Seymour, head of strategy Nicole Milward

PR was handled at Zing by offline account director offline Mike Maurice and online account director Sean O’Byrne.

Micah Walker, Publicis Mojo Sydney Creative Director, said, “The Great Tasmanian Pipeline idea is a simple, unexpected way to give the arrival of Boag’s Draught on the mainland some news and talk value. The idea of beer literally linked and pumped from its source straight to your local, and all of the project detail around it – from construction films and notices to actual physical pipes and pipe workers – just reinforces Boag’s commitment to bringing you great beer.”