Blend Images for Rethinking Strong Spiritual Family

Blend Images, a stock photography agency focusing on multi-ethnic imagery, has won an award for design at the The American Graphic Design Awards, a national design competition sponsored by Graphic Design USA magazine. The ad campaign, with three print advertisement, “Strong”, “Spiritual”, and “Family”, challenges stereotypes by rethinking labels we place on people and culture.

Blend Images Strong

Blend Images Spiritual

Blend Images Family

“We are excited to receive this award from Graphic Design USA,” said Sarah Fix, Creative Director at Blend Images. “Our goal for this campaign was to showcase high quality multicultural imagery while also providing a perspective about the differences and commonalities in the world around us. Spil Creative did a fantastic job of bringing this concept to life.”


The Blend Images campaign was developed at Spil Creative by creatives Damian Dominguez and Jieun Lee, with Blend Images stock photography by Karin Dreyer (Strong), Plush Studios (Spiritual) and Patterson Graham (Family).

Damian Dominguez commented on the campaign. “I, as a Latin-American, and my Asian-American partner Jieun Lee, did NOT want to see the stereotypical Mexican with a sombrero or the familiar Japanese businessman. We wanted a campaign where friends, regardless of color, are family and women are strong.”