Blackberry Bullets Apple

Blackberry’s touch screen answer to Apple’s iPhone is presented in a 15 second video designed as a spec commercial by Guava and Nice Shoes, post production studios in New York.

Blackberry bullets through Apple

An off-screen gunshot blows through the core of an apple, with slow motion imagery detailing the entry and exit points. When the projectile emerges, the viewer sees that it is actually a small blackberry that caused all the damage. The spot draws inspiration from Harold Edgerton’s strobe photography, in particular his 1964 photograph of a bullet passing through an apple.

Click on the image below to play the video.


The Blackberry commercial was developed at Guava and Nice Shoes by CG department head Adrian Graham, VFX supervisor Jep Hill, and design director Jay Sienkwicz.

Graham and Sienkwicz took reference photography of an apple, which Sienkwicz massaged in Adobe Photoshop and texture mapped onto the CG apple. Graham used Autodesk Maya for animation and modeling, with the explosion driven by Maya fluid simulations. Hill composited elements using The Foundry’s Nuke and did distributed rendering with Mental Ray running on a team of dual quad-core Macs.

“Each of us has our own area of expertise,” notes Graham. “Jep has an in-depth knowledge of photoreal CG, Jay has a great design sense and a talent for timing and pacing, and I have experience in physics-based animation and pipeline development. We each brought to the table different skill-sets that together made the spot shine.”

“We wanted to convey the sense of traveling a long distance in a spatial environment without blurring things so they’re unrecognizable,” Sienkwicz explains. “We had to fly the blackberry in the frame, explode it through the apple and keep everything in focus with depth of field and clarity.”

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