Bjork Wanderlust

Wanderlust, the music video for the 2008 single by Iceland singer/songwriter Bjork, won three awards at the D&AD Awards in London this week, for Music Videos, Art Direction in Music Videos, and Special Effects in Music Videos. The music video, produced in stereoscopic 3D, involves a mixture of large scale puppeteering, live action acrobatics, miniatures, and CG. It needs to be seen on DVD quality rendition to get the full effect, but is shown here in 2D.

Bjork with Yaks in Wanderlust music video

Björk is an archetypal nomad, shepherding giant yaks through the Mountains. She performs hydromancy to decide whether to take them down a river or not. A second self, the Painbody Backpack, sprouts from her like a growth and then engages her in an action play which displays their relationship. The force which compelled Björk to go down river begins to manifest itself in Björk’s head and in the physical world. This character, the Rivergod, is a transcendental attractor which pulls her into the future.

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Wanderlust was commissioned by Paul McKee at One Little Indian.

Filming and animation were directed by director Encyclopedia Pictura (Isaiah Saxon and Sean Hellfritsch) via Ghost Robot with associate director/practical effects supervisor Daren Rabinovitch, producer Mark de Pace, fabrication supervisor Tirsh Hunter, CGI supervisor Damijan Saccio and executive producer Zachary Mortensen.

Post production was done at UVPHACTORY by Principals/cofounders Scott Sindorf and Damijan Saccio, creative director Alexandre Moors, and executive producer Brian Welsh.

The two Yak dancers, Coco Karol and Brynne Billingsley, dance year-round in Misnomer Dance Theater, and were choreographed by Chris Elam.

The Wanderlust video was awarded as Best Art Direction, Best Alternative/Indie Video and Video Of The Year at the 2008 UK Music Video Awards, and was also nominated (but lost) for Best Special Effects.

Behind the Scenes on Wanderlust