Bing Visual Search Live

Microsoft has launched “Visual Search”, a beta approach to search engine use on Bing. Launched at TechCrunch50, the search engine makes it possible to explore topics in data groupings galleries. According to the Bing community blog, Microsoft opted for the new approach after researchers found that consumers can process results with images 20% faster than text only results.

Bing Visual Search

Visual Search, online at, requires users to and install Microsoft’s Silverlight web application framework and to choose USA as country at the top of the screen. Current visual searches in the Gallery feature entertainment, personalities, sport, reference and shopping, each with several layers of refinement. Movies in the Theater, for example, can be viewed in terms of top weekend box office, opening this week, Metacritic’s top rated, action, comedy and drama, and narrowed by MPAA rating, genre and 3D.

Bing Visual Search

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