Bic Permament Jimi Hendrix Signature

Société Bic produced what has become a classic print advertisement in 2004, featuring a woman carrying the signature of Jimi Hendrix, the guitarist legend who died in 1970.

Bic Jimi Hendrix signature


The Jimi Hendrix Signature shot was developed at TBWA\Paris by creative director Erik Vervroegen, art directors Nick Hine and Jake Rusznyak, and photographer Garry Simpson.

“I didn’t want someone who looked like a grandmother,” said Simpson in an interview with Photoserve. “We were looking for a model with a sense of individualism who hadn’t lost her sense of adventure. It is a really great simple idea, so the casting was really important.” The woman was shot in a house in North London. Minimal retouching was done in post-production. Ironically the only part of the image which was enhanced in Photoshop was the signature. The wrinkles are as they appear in real life.

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  • deagle

    awesome. bic. hendrix. funny but makes me wanna get the ol’ mp3 player out, and jam.

  • alicja

    i do not know if this true pity that they do not the ass

    • luke

      what does that even mean??

  • qryche

    Great idea.The photo is amazing.Love it.

  • lindsay

    whoever wrote the credits, talking about how you didnt want it to be some old grandmother is foolish, that was her time era, she is part of history, she has or had something that no little model your ever going to find has. how can you be so low as to criticize that woman for being old, she was there and you werent

    • Virginia

      AMEN!! I thought the same thing when I read that ignorant sentence.

  • Lindsay I think you’ve missed the point. The quote about “not looking like a grandmother” is not a comment from The Inspiration Room, it’s quoting the photographer Garry Simpson. Simpson, I suspect, was looking for someone who was able to demonstrate a sense of wild living. It’s not about age. It’s about image.

    • luke

      i agree

      • I could not agree more, the reading by the hater is so typical we bring to art our own baggage and therefore often miss the intent of the artist. In this case the misreading was not of the visual but the artist’s statement about the visual, sometimes it is best for the artist to just shut the heck up and let the work speak for itself. I totally got what he was saying and see in this woman the spirit that got Jimi’s attention and willingness to sign her bosom to begin with.

  • MeAndOnlyMe

    Niceee! this gave me the idea to get this done when im 18:)