Berlin Wall Dominoes Fall

The twentieth anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall is being celebrated today with Domino Aktion, in which a set of 1,000 styrofoam dominoes, wrapped in muslin, falls along the route where the wall once stood. The 2.3 metre high blocks, most painted by schoolchildren from around Germany, are lined up over 1.5 kilometres, passing the Brandeburg Gate and the German Parliament building.

Berlin Dominoes

Berlin Dominoes

Former Polish leader Lech Walesa, whose pro-democracy movement Solidarity played a key role in ending communism in Eastern Europe, will tip the first domino at 8 p.m. local time.

A number of the dominoes, known as Goethe stones, were sent in May to parts of the world where people are separated by aggressive divisions and walls, a project organised by Germany’s federal cultural foundation Goethe Institut. Children, artists and intellecturals used the dominoes to address the effect of dividing walls.

The Goethe Stones and a selection of those decorated in Germany will be put on display in Goethe Institutes in Berlin, Bonn and Leipzig. If funding allows they will also be exhibited internationally.

Click on the image below to play the Lead Up video in YouTube

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Photographs by Herbert Knosowski, Associated Press.

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