Becks Plastilin Build a Better World

Becks Plastilin is one of Europe’s biggest modelling clay developers but isn’t well known among parents because of global competitors like Hasbro’s Playdoh. The brief for Scholz & Friends was to communicate to young and modern parents that Becks Modelling Clay is a product that supports your child’s creativity. The print advertisements featured here present traditional enemies (Klu Klux Klan and African American, Muslim and Jew) expressing friendship. “Let the kids build a better world”.

Becks Plastilin Black is Beautyful

Becks Plastilin Fun Religion


The Becks Plastilin campaign was developed at Scholz & Friends, Hamburg, by chief creative officer Matthias Schmidt, executive creative director Stefan Setzkorn, creative directors Gunnar Loeser, Stefanie Voelzow, Markus Daubenbuechel, creative Marius Koopmann, copywriter Philipp Cerny, photographer Bernd Westphal and modeller Anna Gawrilow.