Be the Second One to Know with Terra News

Latin news site Terra presents its quick access to current affairs with a series of print advertisements in which world leaders are given access to breaking stories. Barack Obama, George W Bush and the Dalai Lama are shown as the second to know.

Barack Obama in Terra print advertisement

George W Bush and Condaleezza Rice in Terra print advertisement
The Dalai Lama in Terra print advertisement


The Terra News campaign was developed at DDB Brasil by art director Rodrigo Tortima, copywriters Adriano Matos, creative director/copywriter Marcelo Reis, creative directors Guilherme Jahara, Rodolfo Sampaio, Julio Andery and Sergio Valente, account manager Eduardo Megale, Suzana Poli and Camila Gertner, client service team Rodrigo Terra and Alexandre Cardoso. Photography was from Image Banks.