Be That Woman

The Washington Area Women’s Foundation has launched “Be That Woman”, an animated tale of one woman’s journey from a position of need to one of strength, showing the power of investing in women and girls. The video is online at where stories are being told and funds are being raised.

Be That Woman video

This animated video tells the simple story of a woman with a child whose experiences of frustration and rejection are met by an empowering encounter with a support worker. Her move to become part of an empowering movement is symbolized by her transformation from a pencil drawn figure to one outlined in pen.

Click on the image below to play the video.


RP3 Agency worked on the Be That Woman project, with virtually no budget.

The cartoon was drawn pro bono by animator Candy Guard from Sherbet, London, with key animator Kev Baldwin, editor/compositor Adam Aiken and producer Sarah Essam.

Original music was composed and produced by Jack Heyrman and team at Clean Cuts and Cerebral Lounge, using players from the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra.

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