Banco Financiero Whatever Happens in Peru

Banco Financiero in Peru presents a print advertising campaign for investors in a world in crisis. If we thought the current financial crisis was bad, what would happen if we were invaded by aliens from outer space, attacked by giant reptiles, or inundated by rising oceans? There will always be billboards on high rise buildings to tell us that the interest rate remains at a competitive 8.5 percent. “Whatever happens you’ll earn 8.5%”.

Banco Financiero Space Attack

Banco Financiero Monster Bash

Banco Financiero Flood


The Disaster campaign was developed at Y&R Lima, Peru, by creative director César Godenzi, art directors Oscar Takahashi, Christopher Graham, Kenneth Yohann, copywriter Jorge Soto, retouchers Carlos Luna, Christopher Graham.

via Celula Ideias

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