BAFICI Indie Films To Watch

BAFICI Indie Film Festival, held by the Buenos Aires Ministry of Culture (Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires), was promoted in April with three television commercials, Hindu, Orientals (Asians) and Beach. Each ad leads to the punchline, “Para saber como es tenes que verlo”. “To know what indie movies are like, you have to watch indie movies.”

BAFICI Orientals commercial


We see a third-world boy playing with little stones and a old man playing a traditional instrument. Suddenly, the old man asks the boy if he is not bored to do what he is doing. The boy cries and says: “Yes but I do it because there are still people who think independent cinema is like this…”

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We see a cliché scene of Asian cinema in which a man and woman complain about body pain over a bed of fruit. One actor asks, “Why do we have to do that?”

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A couple sit on the beach, doing and saying nothing. Why?

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The BACIFI campaign was developed at Savaglio\TBWA Buenos Aires, by chief creative officer Ernesto Savaglio, executive creative director/copywriter Tomás Ostiglia, creative director Oscar Canabal, art director German Paino, agency producers Lula Concistre, Dino Teson, Dante Rodriguez, planner Diego Campos Galante, account supervisors Soledad Zambrini and Juan Mecca.

Filming was shot by director team La Doble Nelson (Agustin Berruezo and Andres Muschietti) via Toma 78 Barcelona, Spain.

Hindu and Beach won a Gold Film Lion at Cannes International Advertising Festival 2009.