Axion Banner Concerts in Belgium

Axion, Dexia’s youth bank in Belgium, focuses on the interests of 12 to 25 years old in all aspects of their lives. The bank launched Banner Concerts (Dutch and French) to support young bands who were searching for “Myspace fame”. Axion initially used Flash-based banners on popular web sites to stream live gigs from well known bands (Tim Vanhamel, Malibu Stacy, Tom Helsen and A Brand) to encourage young people to sign up their own bands in an online competition for their own banner concert. A professional jury, Peter Crosbie, producer, Kurt Overbergh, art director at Ancienne Belgique, and Alex Stevens, programmer at Dour, chose 25 young up and coming bands to play a concert on the 6 million banner spots. The public was than asked to vote for their favorite band over the month of December 2008. The winner of the contest, Bad Cirkuz, won a concert in the Ancienne Belgique in February 2009, the streaming of their concert online and a day recording at a studio.

Banner Concert poster

The results? 25 young bands got an exposure for their live-gig via 6,807,442 banner impressions on well known internet sites. By providing an “embed”-option, the campaign generated another 43,479 impressions via viral embeddings on fan pages and blogs. Some of these generated more than 20% clickthrough. The campaign website attracted 44,845 unique visitors. 7,581 people voted for their favourite band. A majority voted by premium SMS instead of free web-vote. The campaign won several awards, including 7 CCB Awards and 5 Golden Lions in Cannes.

Banner Concert poster

A Brand plays in one of the promotional banners.

Tim Van Hamel performs Garden of Weeds.

Tom Helsen takes us through the back door of his heart.

Malibu Stacy perform Hotel de Police in their box for Axion.


Axion staff included communication director Dirk Schyvinck, marketing and media communication director An van Moer, and commercial marketing director Mieke De Dier.

The Banner Concerts campaign was developed at Boondoggle by creative directors Stef Selfslagh, Vincent Jansen, creatives Alexander Cha’ban, Vanessa Hendrickx and Peter Vijgen, design director Petra Sell, designer Kevin Crepin, client services director Inge Vander Velpen, account manager Kelly Wouters, project manager Bart Vanuytrecht, strategic planner Dominique Poncin, developers Bart Geukens, Ellen Bossuyt, Jeroen Janssen, Katsuyuki Nagatani.

Filming was produced at Mojuice by director Geert Geuten and producer Bart Tauwenbergh, with photographer Evert Thiry, sound director Peter Crosbee. Mojuice was responsible for the selection and negotiation of the main acts, the studio setup, the audio and video productions, PR and media exposure. Set production was developed at Stakka Concepts.

See more on the campaign at Boondoggle, Axion’s Facebook page, and photos from Boondoggle’s Flickr channel.