Axe Destiny

Axe Temptation gives young men hope that they can beat the odds in “Destiny” (Destino), a television commercial from Argentina. Destiny is totally fair depending on who you ask. A young man and a young woman live parallel yet very similar lives, never meeting until the fateful moment when their paths cross. “So sorry Destiny. The power of Fragrance.”

Axe Destiny commercial


Destiny was developed at Ponce, Buenos Aires, by creative directors Ricardo Armentano, Analia Rios, art director Christian Rosli, group creative directors Hernan Ponce, Hernan Ibarra-Puentes and Walter Aregger, copywriter Juan Ure, agency producer Jose Silva and head of production Roberto Carsillo.

Filming was shot by director Paul Hunter via Prettybird with director of photography Don Davis and executive producer Kerstin Emhoff.

Editing was done by Damion Clayton at Rock Paper Scissors. Post production was done at A52. Music was produced at Animal Music.