Avon Hiding Women in Slovakia

Avon’s Domestic Violence awareness campaign in Slovakia was given a boost by a series of stickers placed in public showers and lockers at gymnasiums. “Hiding Women” confronts users of the gym with life size images of women who are clearly hiding from domestic violence, and directed them to the campaign site, www.avonprotidomacemunasiliu.sk The campaign won a Silver award at the Golden Hammer Festival for Best Use of Indoor Media. Research shows that the “Hiding Women” campaign sparked many conversations among women in the gym, and that one third of those who noticed the campaign went on to talk about domestic violence with their families.

Avon Hiding Woman in Shower

Avon Hiding Woman in Closet


Avon Hiding Women in Slovakia was developed at Vaculik Advertising, Bratislava, by creative directors Milan Hladky and Dejan Galovic, art directors Martina Mihalova and Bohumil Dohnal, copywriters Juraj Dvorecky and Katarina Kureckova, media director Miroslav Hrivnak, account manager Katarina Kovackova.