Audi TDI Filter

Audi presents the TDI Clean Diesel engine with “Filter”, an award winning commercial jam packed with visual effects. Promoting the Audi Q7 the commercial combines smoke filmed in real life and computer generated particles. The concept? TDI Clean Diesel with 90% less emissions. The spot won a Gold for Visual Effects at the CLIO Awards 2009. Letters of the alphabet wash around in a soup of smoke, prevented from making it to the next level. Only the T, D and I make it through.

Audi TFI Filter


Filter was developed at kempertrautmann, Hamburg, by creative directors Jens Theil, Gerrit Zinke, art directors Julia Wolk, Florian Schimmer.

Filming and visual effects were the responsibility of DMDA (Dirk Urbaniak, Andrew Ruszala) via Markenfilm, Infected and MF Video Produktion, Hamburg, with editor Hendrik Smith, animators Chris Keller and Tim Borgmann, visual effects editor Niko Papoutsis, and producer Simona Daniel.

Music was produced by MassiveMusic, Amsterdam.

Behind The Scenes

Take a look at the stop motion work in this ‘making-of’ film. The Filter project involved up to 50 million particles per shot, and file sizes of over 1 terabyte. The effects team used Uce by Softimage for animation and Flame for compositing.

Click on the image below to play the video.