Aspirin Effervescent Just Add Water

Bayer brand Aspirin Effervescent is being presented as the fastest relief for work related headaches in a print advertising campaign aimed at Mexican women and men in their mid twenties. the fastest relief for daily headaches at work. The “Just Add Water” line is shown as the way to deal with personified pain – the angry boss and the determined guy on the jackhammer (pneumatic drill).

Aspirin Effervescent print advertisement with boss and wave

Aspirin Effervescent print advertisement with jackhammer and wave


The Just Add Water campaign was developed at BBDO Mexico by executive creative director Héctor Fernández, creative directors Antonio Cosío and Sindo Ingelmo, art director Barbara Hernandez Viesca, copywriter Rafael Huicochea, producer Marco Pozos and photographer Raúl González.

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